SAINT WARHEAD "Marionettes"

New album - saint Warheads
copyright's Saint Warhead

Directed by Saint Warhead & Jacob Hill
Filmed & Edited by Jacob Hill of Abnormal Talent

"Marionettes", the new single & music video, and Funk Volume's DFUOB6 contest entry

Watch the shortened, contest entry version:
Watch the full length director's cut:

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After causing a zombie outbreak in one of Portland's fine strip club establishments with Blue Collar Monsters, PDX's rapper/zombie hunter Saint Warhead is back in 2014 with his usual onslaught of tattooed models and dark imagery. This time playing the role of a possesed puppet master, Warhead is controlling creepy marionette dolls and sold out crowds throughout the fast-paced visuals and razor sharp wordplay. Marionettes, the new single and music video is also his entry for Funk Volume's annual Don't Fu[n]k Up Our Beats contest.

Since his last project the #ZOMBIEKISSES EP in 2013 Saint Warhead has continued to move at a momentum that's hard to ignore. Due to a 70-month incarceration for armed robbery from which he was paroled in May 2011, Saint Warhead has only been a physical member of the music scene for less than 3 years. But in the short time that Warhead has been back in society he has independently released multiple projects, toured 5 times playing in 12 different states, and has performed over 150 shows. Sharing stages with acts such as The Grouch & ElighMadchild of Swollen MembersKutt CalhounMursR.A. The Rugged ManKottonmouth Kings,PotluckHed PEKung Fu VampireDead Prez, and more! Accomplishing all of this before his 3 years of parole are even finished, Saint Warhead will definitely be a rising independent artist to watch over the next couple of years.

Saint is also gearing up to release a full-length, Deluxe Edition #ZOMBIEKISSES album this summer. Along with embarking on his latest touring efforts in May 2014, this time accompanying fellow underground up-and-comers Jeff Turner (featured on TeamBackPack and HipHopDX) and Black Pegasus (toured with R.A. The Rugged Man and Potluck at the end of 2013).

Saint Warhead has been featured on many great sites like Faygoluvers.netWe Out Here MagazineLiving Dead, Da Ill SpotNorthwest TV, and more!