Rock and Roll

           The original rock and roll started in the 1960's. In those day's you were lucky to play live with any electronic devices or equipment. The ability to play clean quality music was few and far between but stars rose from this era. The Beetles, Elvis, then Jethrotol, Aero Smith and Rush. Slowly the rock industry turned into a giant. With rockers from every form of life, and financial background. Some of the greatest musicians in the world started in the 60's.  The greatest time period in modern music. During the period of development in music, especially rock and roll was the start all. As the music grew so did the artist, one by one new rock groups transformed into the 70's and 80's. As the music grew so did the tools and ability to mass record and sell albums. These new tools and the growth of the music industry built into the rock and roll. The music began getting all over the country, all over the world. Now today we have so many different types of music, and musical culture it's almost unbelievable. From scene music, hard core metal, metal, rock, light rock, and more! The ability to gain new followers and break downs in the industry we haven't seen the end of this Industry!