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Why record with Riptide and not someone else? -Being a musician enables us to envision what other musicians recognize as ingenious. We're on your side and want you to be happy with your recordings as much as we want to be proud of them. We're willing to work with you on a project to provide you a better product. -We're really dedicated to supporting the local scene and know how tough it is to get out there. We've ran into problems like that in our own experiences. Part of the problem is that people want to hear professional recordings and that is something we can provide. Also, we can offer any advice about how to get your band out there. By choosing to record with Riptide Records you are making a worthy investment that will stay with your band's career for years down the road. -Information on rates? Contact us at or at 815-630-0230. Hope to see you soon, -Riptide Records