rap genius becomes ambassador to the industry " Ill Bill"

rap genius.jpeg

ILL Bill the rap genius, has been in the rap game for a very long time. With years of experience, and many chart topping songs, ILL Bill is a new ambassador to hip hop music.  The well known Jewish American rapper has become something of a sensation over the years, with a different sound, and as a strong voice among the rap community. With three solo albums and tons of collaborations, it's safe to say ILL Bill has reached rap genius level. With two new colabs coming out soon Hevy Metal Kings Vs. DJ Muggs with Vinnie Paz and DJ Muggs and The Pill with Sean Price. This man has gotten up and made himself an American icon. Both a pillar to the community  to both young and old musicians, ILL Bill will be here for a while and is making moves now to ensure a solid career in the music industry. 

  With a long run in the industry ahead him, Ill Bill will be making an impact, and impression in the community. With a fan base all over world, and new music out regularly he can keep up with the best of them and work hard while doing so!