Origin Official Interview

Origin the band

By: Michelle Naylor
Origin Official Interview

Michelle Naylor: Where did you come up with the name Origin? How did it come about?

Origin: Mark Manning the 1st vocalist tagged it to 

Origin hevy metalour music. Its a word that creates question. Where did this all start? Where are we from as a species? Where is our music from? Its a word that creates a question or personal interpretation which I enjoy.

Michelle Naylor: How did everyone get together to form the band?

Origin:the band formed in 97 from guys that had jammed together as friends or in different bands. We've been through a lot of changes since then...  
Michelle Naylor: What is one of the hardest struggles you have had to go through?
Origin: Personally? Hmm. Well I'd say loss of  friends or loved ones. 
Michelle Naylor: What is your favorite part of performing?
Origin: The adrenaline. The reaction of the crowd. The crazy fans & antics @ the shows!
Michelle Naylor: What was it like performing in the March Metal Meltdown?

Origin: Whoa that was a long long time ago. It was a good show. A fun fest other than that its been to long to recall

Michelle Naylor: What are the ups and downs of being on tour?

Origin: The lack of quality sleep is the down side
The upside is seeing new places & meeting new friends. Seeing what each city/state/country has to add to this crazy form of music

Michelle Naylor: Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

Origin: just play what I hear in my head.

Michelle Naylor: What is your favorite song/album you have completed?

Origin: Hahaha its always the new one!

Brandon Harris:What was it like performing in Europe for the first time?

Orgin: Well the festivals are awesome! Great fans over there!
Michelle Naylor: How would you describe your music?
Origin: As my Father would say "Infernal Racket"
Otherwise A positive release of negative energy

Michelle Naylor: What was it like peaking at number 21 on the Billboard Top 
Heatseekers Chart in 2008?

Origin Music
Origin Singer

Origin: That's for labels to care about. Music isn't about numbers. I'm surprised people even listen to my music. Its death metal. Your not supposed to like it

Michelle Naylor: What was it like seeing your video "Finite" on MTV2's Head Banger's 

Origin: I guess its another "stature" thing where your getting respect from your peers & fans. 

 Michelle Naylor: What do you have planned for 2014?

Origin: New album & tour tour tour!

  Michelle Naylor: In April, you are going to make your first ever appearance in 
Indonesia, what are you most nervous/excited for with this?

Origin: I'm not nervous. I'm always excited to play for new fans & see new places & culture

 Michelle Naylor: Can you tell us a little about your new tour that is happening this 

Origin: Not yet... Its still a secret. 

Michelle Naylor: What is the most memorable show/tour you have done
Origin: Always the last one. Every evening is a new event. Its too hard to put 5min in a 17 year career A blind man stage diving @ our concert .A man in a wheelchair crowd surfing @ our concert. I dunno that's just 2 out of 1000+ shows I could muster up in 10 seconds

Michelle Naylor: If you could say anything to your fans out there. what would it be?

Origin: Thanks for all the years of support! Your fantastic!

 Michelle Naylor: What would be your dream show to do?

Origin: Playing a festival like outside lands in San Francisco where we are in front of a huge audience that has 0 clue what kind of music this is? It would be hilarious watching the hippies run!

Origin Interview

Michelle Naylor: We heard that you will be releasing a new album this spring, can 
you tell us a little about it?

Origin: I feel its our heaviest album to date. A lot of dynamics & a few surprises too!

Michelle Naylor: How does it feel to have so many fans following you?
Origin: Its very humbling & I'm honored

Michelle Naylor: Did you ever think you would be in the place you are now?

Origin: Its all about the journey in this life. I don't even know where I will be a year from now!