New Age Ninjas

New Age Ninjas
By: Chunks Real-Scrubs O'Donnell

Try to add myself to juggalo chat groups, gathering chats, family message bords all that shit. But this fab of new age ninjas is taking over the pages. No one talks about some fresh shit they found anymore. Once and a while someone promoting music but usually nothing worth the time listening to. Drama. So much drama and people getting kicked out left and right for thinking different and then getting blown up by 100 people saying your not a ninja. New age Ninjas…….

  You go to these family pages and off the bat one of the first thing you'll see if thrusty girls. Not all I'm not saying all the girls on there are thirsty or even most but you well see the ones I'm talking about. Ever 5 minutes a new photo of her biting her hatchet charm or showing off her tat on her ankle. Playing add games left and right and the “fuck or throw her in the trunk” game. Posting photos naked then yelling at people for coming on her pic telling them to go get some water and shit. You'll see these girls in almost all the rooms doing the same thing. And don’t forget the famous “hey yall go to this guys (random fuck) profile and talk shit to him. Hes not real family!!!!” come now people. New age Ninjas…….

 Little ass kids coming in these rooms and talking about how they need a boy friend or a girl friend. The worlds so wrong and no body understands them because there a ninja. I get it I have been there. I felt the hate but if you only focus on that shit or its all you talk about and post photos of yourself crying and shit you need help. We cant help you. If you are family your in and we can do all we can to help but if you got real real shit going down you need help. Made love to you but don’t use being a juggalo as a crutch for your problems then snap on people because no one cares your crying wolf. New age Ninjas………

Don’t get me wrong we all gotta grow up at some point and at one time we were all peaces of shit. But using juggalos name to make it ok to fuck shit up is wrong. If you fuck shit up and its what you do then rock on. But don’t use our name as you reason or to make your point. Were good people for the most part but people only notice the extreme ones. I'm OK with that it keeps us under the radar, there not looking for me there looking for that guy screaming mcl and old people. There's a time and place, and my time and place is when needed. Catch me at the gathering and ill whoop ya heart out with a 2 scoops of the poop soup cha whoop de whoop cheda boom boom. But at mcdonalds don’t scream at me when im with my family. Much love, whoop whoop, and good luck new age ninjas.