Mini interview with Underground Model Miz Monoxide

Underground Girl Miz Monoxide
Underground Girls Magazine Miz Monoxide cover model

When was the first time you modeled?

The first time i model was when i was 19.

Any goals in the industry?

To further my careerWhat is your favorite part of modeling?my favorite part would be what kinda person im gonna be for the shoot. I love dressing up and getting makeup put on. : )

What kind of things do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time im usally hanging with playing video games. Or sometimes... ive gotta house to maintain. 

Who is your role model, and why?

my role model is my mother Why. Because that woman has been threw everything. And to see how strong that woman is today makes me want to be as strong of a person.

 What are your favorite types of shoots to do?

My fave types of shoots to do are ones where i get to play with blood or get a prostetic put on.

 How many tattoo’s do you have?

3. 2 starts 1 butterfly

Brandon Harris: What’s your ideal date?

Miz Monoxied:Hehe u dont wanna no. ; )

Brandon Harris: Who is you favorite UG Girl?

Miz Monoxide: hmm. ... my favorite.... i honestly dont have a fave. We have so many beautiful ladies and take all wonderful pics

Brandon Harris: Any musician you would like to see interviewed?

Miz Monoxide: Hed pe. Menace 2 sobriety. Pumpkin king. Killator of corpse circus.What is you biggest  weird habit? Hmmm.... prob be me dressing up for shows.

Brandon Harris:  Who are you as a person?

Miz Monoxide:Become my friend and find out.

 Brandon Harris: Anything for the fans?

Miz Monoxide: Dont ever give up on your dreams.