Interview with Spot UG

Shrooms UG: What got you into modeling?
Spot UG: Everyone telling me I should. And as I was younger I used to pretend I was walking down the runway in my mommas shoes.
Shrooms UG: What are your goals?
Spot UG: My goals in modeling is to have people see me and recognize me and to be in magazines on posters have my name be known.
Shrooms UG: Who are you behind the modeling?
Spot UG: I'm just an average girl. I love doing makeup playin xbox hanging out with my friends. Working. Shopping lol.
Shrooms UG:  For sure I get that, Xbox huh? Any favorite game?
Spot UG: Saints row! Fable! Oblivion !
Shrooms UG: Hell yea great choice in games. Any favorite snack foods?
Spot UG: Hmmmm goldfish !
Shrooms UG: Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Spot UG: I wanna be stable with my modeling career and done with college
Shrooms UG: Good goals. What made you join the UG team? What are you goals with our team?
Spot UG: I joined because I saw lollis photos and thought they were great and I read about this and it sounded very fun
And my goals are to become very well known and help this business out
Shrooms UG: Anything to say to our viewers?
Spot UG: If you want something. Go for it head on. Don't let anything stop you