Interview with Anders Colsefni of Painface

BY: Brandon Harris

Anders Colsefni of PainfaceBrandon Harris: Hey How are you all doing?


Brandon Harris: What are your hobbies? 


Brandon Harris: Who is the main writer in the band? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Antonio (iTACO!) does a majority of the writing but Dave and John also contribute significantly. Greg, of course, writes his own drum parts. Everyone has a hand in arrangement and “nit-picking” the song into form. 

 Brandon Harris: What is the next big milestone for you all?

 Anders Colsefni of Painface: Getting our next album out in a timely fashion. That would be something to celebrate

Brandon Harris: When do you get time to relax? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Hmmm... While we’re

Show on April 5, 2014 
Brandon Harris: Where does the band spend it’s off time?

Anders Colsefni of Painface:We scatter like rats from a sinking ship! lol! We really don'thave much of an "off time", to be honest. Unless you count the winter
holidays where we all go do our thing with our familites for a couple of weeks. We have spent the last 3 years trying to hold an unstable group of musicians together long enough to put an album out, and now that we finally have stability, it is time for Painface to haul-ass. 

Brandon Harris: What got you all into music?
Anders Colsefni of Painface: None of us really know how to answer that. Trying to ponder the moment when music first became a “thing” for us is sort of like trying to remember feeling your toes first start growing from your feet while in the womb. 

Brandon Harris: What is thebest thing about being as big as you are in the music scene? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Around here, “big” means “played a lot of shows around the area”. It doesn’t get you anything more or less than any other hard-working band. However, I believe everyone in the band has earned their own individual reputation around town as being good,hard-working musicians, as well as good people.

Brandon Harris: Who is the member of theband that can keep yall laughing? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Mr. Greg Stravers, our drummer. He sometimes reminds me of Mick Fleetwood sitting back there, all hairy and crazy looking.looking. Lol. He comes up with some of the funniest shit sometimes. However, everyone in the band has a great sense of humor.

Anders Colsefni of Painface
Anders Colsefni of Painface
Brandon Harris: What are important goals to you as a team?

Anders Colsefni ofPainface: Obvious answer): To dominate the planet, so on and so forth. (True answer): To work diligently on our writing (even at home) so we can keep some kind of realistic schedule for releases. Time has always been our enemy but we are very optimistic about proceeding forward as we always planned now that John is in the band. We are also working video-shooting into our schedule so time will want to fuck with us more, I’m sure. 

Brandon Harris: What instrument’s do the members of your band play? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Antonio (iTaco!) Alaniz: guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals David (Cornbread) Baker: guitar, backing vocals Greg Stravers: drums John “Putcher Hanzup” Hatterman: bass, backing vocals Anders Colsefni: vocals 

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to be in ten years? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Living in Taos, New Mexico, working in my own cantina and having open-mic jams in one corner for the local musicians. That’s MY plans, but I tend to have lofty goals. The rest of the guys aren't sure where they expect to be next week, much less in ten years. 

Brandon Harris: What does music mean to you? 

 Anders Colsefni of Painface: All across the board: Life, death, and true emotion. 

Brandon Harris:What is the best part of being influential? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: The feeling that we did something right. Maybe not the most perfect right it could be, but right all the same.
Brandon Harris: Any new bands you all are listening to? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Oh man, my wife has been feeding me all of this great new music lately that would make most of our fans sick. LOL! I listen to all sorts of music, mostly mellow stuff, believe it or not. I really like Santi Gold & Wye Oak at the moment. I’ve also been listening to a bit of Die Antwoord. Other than that, we have some terrific new Des Moines metal bands and great rock bands that would blow people’s minds. Our music
scene is becoming stout once more, and if you come across an unknown band that is from Des Moines, you should check it out. There is a great chance it will not suck. There are exceptions, obviously, but Des Moines bands have a certain standard they try to uphold.
Anders Colsefni of Painface
Anders Colsefni of Painface

Brandon Harris:Any goals for 2014? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Hellz Yes! We want to release Chapter 1 and maybe Chapter 2 of the Mortality box-set. That’s the main goal. We also want to play out as much as our time allows us to. We’d love to get on a few shows of a regional tour, but we will likely be picking-off larger towns in circles out from Des Moines for the time-being. 

Brandon Harris: What is the coolest thing you have had happen to you as a band yet? 

Anders Colsefni of Painface: Speaking for the rest of the band, I’d say having Corey Taylor get ahold of us to open for one of their CD release parties in November of 2012. That was further confirmation to me that Corey is a kick-ass person

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans? 

Anders Colsefni ofPainface: Thanks to all of you who are still around after all of these years to welcome us back to where we never should have left, and thank you to all of you new fans that have only just heard of us. We are going to surprise many of you over the next few albums.We are taking a “no fear” approach to our writing now.

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