DJ Blunt official interview

Brandon Harris: What got you into music?

DJ Blunt: When I was 8 years old I saw the video of Poison – Fallen Angel and I wanted to be a rock star lol then after 2 weeks I discovered Run DMC it was 1988 since then I became a hip hop junkie.

Brandon Harris: Where did you find it hard to progress I the industry?

DJ Blunt: Get more shows in other countries.

Brandon Harris:Any crazy fan stories?

DJ Blunt: Not really.

Brandon Harris: What were some things you had to give up to get where you are?

DJ Blunt: Quit the basketball team, stop going to the gym for about a year, and I stop sleeping to dam much.

Brandon Harris: How many hours a week do you spend working on your craft?

DJ Blunt: 10

Brandon Harris: Where do you feel you are at in this point in the game?

DJ Blunt: If it was colleague we´ll be sophomores.

Brandon Harris: What do you look to add to that in the next few years?

DJBlunt: Release our first official album, we have released so far 10 mixtapes.

Brandon Harris: What is different about you from the day you started in music to now?

DJ Blunt: I have more experience, knowledge, more connections and I am more patient now.

Brandon Harris: Any favorite songs you have done?

DJ Blunt: Our first song Hydrogrificos.

Brandon Harris: Who was the best artist to colab with?

DJ Blunt: Big Ram Any tours in the near future? After we release our album we´ll see.

Brandon Harris: What is the average time you spend working on a song?

DJ Blunt: We used to record 3 or 4 songs a day and we released them sometimes too soon, now I´, m perfectionist I like to take my time with it, maybe it takes me 3 or 4 sessions of at least 6 hours.

Brandon Harris: What is the hardest part of creating an album?

DJ Blunt: Consistency, make the whole album dope, like the classics albums of Wu Tang Clan, Biggie, Nas, Snoop, Dre ect.

Bandon Harris: What town, what area, with who?

DJ Blunt: Monterrey, Mexico with my homie Javu.

Brandon Harris: As an artist how does it feel to have a substantial fan base?

DJ Blunt: Is the most important thing your fans without them we are nothing?

Brandon Harris: What are your goals?

DJ Blunt: Make classic albums, tour the world, and make hip hop music forever.

Brandon Harris: Any big moves in 2014?

DJ Blunt: Release our first official album, tour the country, and released a lot of videos and great music.

Brandon Harris: What are your summer plans looking like?

DJ Blunt: Hopefully well release our first album and then tour.

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans?

DJ Blunt: Thanks for your support thru the years and expect to hear new dope music by us.