Chicago rappers

Chicago rapper LiL Durk 

 Rappers in Chicago are making a huge impact on the industry in recent years. With names like Gotti, Twista, Rhymefest, Common, and many more. Chicago is a breeding ground for new talent. With many different sounds and scenes Chicago is the place that new sounds are made. With new rappers like Chief Keef, and Lil Durk, and many more this city is in no short demand for rappers.   Underground Scene growing more present as well with groups like 2nsane, UG promotions, Focuz Ent, Rugged Reccordz, homicide, Mission 16, Bino Bandz, and many others. Each rapper bringing their own sound. Windy City music being one of the most prevalent crews out there has really nailed down the industry.Check out the Chicago underground scene and here exactly what they have to offer. The music coming out of this younger generation is a lot different, and sounds are so far spread apart!