Checking In with Kat UG

So I’ll start with my name, they call me Kat. I’m 25. my birthday is 9,9,88. I’m a single mom and I’m ok with that.I started modeling about a year ago and I love it. It helps me with a lot of issues. My pictures may not be professional. I may not be super thin and tone but I’ll always be me, Always be real. I model for Underground Girls because, I’m never judged or told what to wear or look like. It’s all up to me. Someday I plan to be a very well known alternative model. However until then I love my life. Never let anyone control you, you are the only one living your life and I have been controlled for so much of mine. I'll never let it happen again. I not only make choices for myself anymore but for my child. So i dont chose friends easily. However once we are friends, I am the greatest friend you'll ever have. I do anything for my friends and family. I believe in Karma, and with all the shit I've been through... this should be a good year for me. MMFWCL