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WEll once again i was told to write a blog so ill write about some random shit again..hmmm this weather dude. Here were im at we have had nothing but fukin snow and cold ass weather. Fuckin sucks. And im here stuck in a hotel in the middle of who knows where ha and gotta go outside to enjoy a damn ciggarette and some green man..freezing my ass off so what do i do go to the car parked in the front of the hotel and smoke in the car ha woops...owell my needs satisfied. O now ima talk bout this new app on phones called glide and let me say omg this is the shit ha. Its some fucking video txting app and instantly im able to connect to my bro and sis i havent seen in ages and feels like im there cus its live video sending feed ha. Ive had it for like 3 days amd have nothing but laughs making my day. Im a goofy chick i enjoy to laugh with the ones i enjoy. Good laughs mean life to me ha, Idk im babiling idk what to talk about i lost my train of thought ha.  LEts talk bout my week ha, my weeks been boring as hell man ha, i have planned a new photoshoot for yall coming up so keep an eye out for that:]  I would like  to know what our fans would like to see though cause im running out of ideas so hey hit us up with some ideas. Hmm i think im done for now ill hit up wit yall again soon when my mind starts to wonder ha xD stay strange yall! whoopwhoop