A rant on Fred Phelps


By:  Chunks Real - Scrubs O"Donnell
       We all make shitty decisions and have to look back on what we did. Weather you keep it a secret from the world, from yourself, or use the knowledge gained from it to strive is up to you. Fred Phelps died, fuck him hes gone and cant hurt anyone anymore. so why do people now choose to sink to his level and picket him.
      To sink to his level only means you did what he wanted. he wanted a response and to break people. the fact people stuck together so long proves he was wrong and now hes gone we won. If he believes in the right god and he gets to see him then he well learn. even the Jesus god is one who knows how to love. the new pope made the new law remember. its ok to be whatever you are as long as your a good person. and if the pope said it then i know humans are evolving. that was proof people can change and get better.
     But back to Fred Phelps. lets say he got it right. God hate us all were sinners and fags and perverts and shit. but does that not mean God all hates shit talking assholes?Anyone who hurt others? Doesn't that mean God is pissed that Fred Phelps was judging people? That mean hes going to hell for being a peace of shit? I mean fuck even if he was right, its never right to fuck with a funeral. Gang members have more respect then the Phelps family did.
         I'm just going to to take there actions as a lesson of how shitty people can be and know I'm never going to sink that low. I wont send them messages or letters or even picket anything they do. I'm not a peace of shit like them. I don't expect them to come bother me and I wont go bother them. fuck them, I don't need them in my life and neither do any of you. Cut them out and ignore them. just like all shitty bully's, you ignore them you take away there power. sometimes they need to be tough a lesson but what better lesson is here then to be alive and happy while there falling apart as there bigot leader has passed.
I don't like the man or respect anything he did with his life. but R.I.P Fred Phelps beacuse you'll miss that peace when you meet your maker. 
P.S: . I want a shirt that says left handed pervert for life. and on the back says fuck Phelps. Because it's ok to sink sometimes. Especially if its funny.