A bit on Bieber


Justin Bieber 20 of Ontario Canada has been making  a lot of noise in the industry for quite some time now. From Racing while intoxicated, to having his house raided, and more. A lot of people are saying the young pop star has gone off the deep end. But we have seen it time and time again in the past 30 years, pop stars make it to a point of success and then wild out. Justin tho young and a bit reckless will be alright. Yes the young man still has a lot of growing to do, that we will admit. But in retrospect he’s just forming into a young adult, and testing his boundaries. The only difference from a normal 20 year old is that he is worth 130 Million dollars. Yes the young man is richer than most could wish to be. Justin is just in need of some time to grow, and a bit of room from the fan’s. The young man will soon find his place in society, as days,weeks,months, and years pass we will see this young man grow into a powerful smart individual. With plenty of time and financial backing, Justin could choose to do whatever he wants with his life!