A bit from Chunks Real Scrubs O'donald

 By: Chunks Real Scrubs O'donald

       so im a hermit. so being in chicago for st pattys day was a big deal for me. my trip starts off racing to catch the right train. we catch it as its leaving as its packed. green and beautiful girls who are about to be cold. we walk down the train till we find a open seat and end up stuck with high school kids.

First thing i notice is i should of brought booze cuz everybody's drinking and no body cares. my these young kids who don't care ppl care hear them are screaming slering at eatch other. watching guys trying to flurt with girls when they cant haddle there booze was great. "Yall wanna crash with us tonight? we fuck lots of bitchs in our rooms!" "man i got some vicad(nodding out) took two." watching drunk kids trying to give other ppl advice and think there smarter then everyone. it was cute seeing the next generation fucking up too and having a good time doing it.

walking to the parade we somehow ended up stuck by a foot ball time. screaming at the top of there lungs about the game and how dope they are. well shit good for them they won. but that steroid driven screaming fuck is only going to draw attention. we walk pass the river and its green but not dyed yet, just natural. and finally we make it to were the parade is.

We find a good spot to kick it and sit on this stone thing for height. then the funniest batch of drunk bitchs come stumbling into view. 5 deep and cant walk, taking selfys left and right. but its cool cuz one girls drunker then the rest so they think there just fine, there not like her. this is is in a skirt throwing up like her life depended on it and falling into mud. her friends are taking selfys with there fucked friend instead of helping her.......... then to get here away from the parade they go walk though a feild full of snow and ice and kept getting turned around stuck in the ice. it was funny.

the parade was going on for some time now and we decide to move for a better look. we see boozoo and ronald mcdonald pointed at me and i pointed at it. got some free soda and shit it was dope. then this drunk as fuck man smashing into ppl as he walks is looking for his friends. some guys are tying to help him but this guys fucked. screaming at every girl how sexy she is and how he was to fuck and its funny. when it when to far he started pointing at kids and talking about fucking them. pointing at strollers and telling the mom shes got a sexy baby. the cops come over right then and i desided it was time to move.

all and all it was a awesome journey but some ppl need to learn how to party. we all make mistakes but to full out ditch your friends or take selfys while this bitch is throwing up on herself is fucked. and dont let your self get drunk enof that babys are sexy, i cant believe its something i can say in life now. "hey dont get so drunk you wanna bang babys." all we can do is hope they learn and either party less hard or maybe safer, like not in public, on a holiday. either way it was funny and ill always remember it.