Whitney Peyton official interview

Brandon Harris: How does it feel to be ranked #1 on the hip hop charts reverbnation.com?

Whitney Peyton:Well it fluctuates! I go back and forth between being #2 or #3 sometimes as well, but fortunately hold the #1 spot most of the time (and that's just for Philadelphia)! It's DOPE! I really throw down for the keystone state so it's good to see they have my back as well! 

Brandon Harris: What was your experience like being nominated and winning awards at
the Lehigh Valley Music Awards?

Whitney Peyton: Besides Philly, the Lehigh Valley is really the other area in PA that kick started my career so receiving awards where it all started is pretty amazing. 

Brandon Harris: Who are some of your inspirations?

Whitney Peyton: Dude my list is so long...but some of the artists I am bumping right now are Hopsin, MGK and Tech N9ne. I try to switch it up what I listen to so my style sounds versatile. I think as an artist or a fan you have to be open to all kinds of music. 

Brandon Harris: We saw that you have done some things with anti-bullying. What are your goals for you anti-bullying for children?

Whitney Peyton: I just think some kids get it in their heads that they can't do certain things based on what they look like, or how much money that have, or whatever. I'm no angel and not really trying to be some perfect "role-model" by any means, but I do want to help get the message across you can do whatever it is you want in life. I mean look at me... I'm a rapper. No one who doesn't know me can usually look at me and guess that one. 

Brandon Harris: What kind of charity events have you done? Are there any other 
charity's that you want to do things with in the future?

Whitney Peyton:I have performed to raise money for Anti-bullying, Anti-Domestic Violence, Diabetes Awareness, Autism Awareness, Cancer Research, and more.

Brandon Harris: What got you into doing so much with communities and charities? How 
did you start getting involved?

Whitney Peyton: I just think hip hop gets a bad rep. Rappers can do things to help people too.. it's not all negative messages. I understand that my music isn't entirely "soft"... I know I'm rough around the edges and I curse etc, but at the end of the day I do have a heart too so it's fresh if I can donate my time to help a cause.

Brandon Harris: Do you have future plans on joining a label, or are you going to
continue staying solo?

Whitney Peyton:I've been offered my share of deals, but that's like a marriage. Would you just say "yes" to anyone that proposes to you? Probably not.. it's the same thing with labels. It's got to be a perfect fit.. until then I have no problem holding it down independently. I have a good homie from indie label "Buzz Records" in MT doing a lot of my production anyway. If you know how to network and get what you need to put your music out you don't have to wait around for anybody! 

 Brandon Harris: Who was your favorite person/group to perform with?

Whitney Peyton:I mean these last two tours I've down were really my first international and national tours. I did a Canadian run with Twiztid and then a US run with R.A. The Rugged Man and Potluck! There's a lot of artists I love tearing up the stage with, but because these were full tours with all these guys... they took the freakin' cake... and candles.

Brandon Harris: You just released a new album January 31st, can you tell us a little 
behind it, and what it in-tales?

Whitney Peyton:YUP! "On The Brink" just dropped and I consider it my debut album! I know I've released music before (obviously) but they have all been free EPs up until now. This one is 14 tracks and is available on itunes, CD baby, Amazon, Spotify, you name it and also you can get the pressed copies on WhitneyPeyton.com I feel really good about this one. I consider myself to be a versatile artist and it has a lot of different tracks for different emotions. None of the songs sound the same.. that would be boring as hell!

Brandon Harris: What is your favorite/most meaningful song you have written?

Whitney Peyton:I have a ton of songs I feel are meaningful... but a hard hitting song is "Cold World" on my new record "On The Brink". That has one of the realest verses I ever wrote. 

Brandon Harris: What was it like to work and record an anti-bullying album? What 
were your thoughts and feelings?

Whitney Peyton: At first when the producers of the album asked me to be part of it I was really hesitant. I don't make kid's music. I generally have a college aged demographic. Then the producers told me it was for charity so I wasn't going to say "no".  It was a side project for me to write and record on... I had no idea it would go so far. I think it's SICK! I never really tried my hand at making anything for kids cause I don't have kids and I'm not usually around a whole lotta young kids so I didn't even really think about it. It's kinda dope that adults can have my album, but then I also made some clean music that their children can listen to without them hearing me curse and be my usual nut-job self. 

Brandon Harris: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Whitney Peyton: Shooting zombies and making plans to take over the world. 
Brandon Harris: What do you have planned for 2014?

Whitney Peyton: Expect a whole lotta touring and a ton of new visuals (music videos, blogs, live footage, etc).

Brandon Harris: What inspired you to get into underground  music?

Whitney Peyton: Being told that I could never get into music!

Brandon Harris: What do you enjoy more, rapping or acting?

Whitney Peyton: Rapping! Or else I'd probably be trying to act full time. I will absolutely be auditioning for some acting roles in the future though, but I'm focusing on rap right now I am first and foremost a music artist. 

Brandon Harris: Do you plan on doing more with anti-bullying?

Whitney Peyton: I mean sure...it's not the only cause I've helped with.. but I guess it's the one I'm most known for now. I would be willing to do more charity work in the future!
Brandon Harris:  Do you have a favorite musician?

Whitney Peyton: Michael Jackson is a pretty big one. He really inspired my "Bittersweet" music video. Clearly our musical styles aren't the same, but he was pretty famous for doing long music videos and "Bittersweet" is basically a short-film. 

Brandon Harris: If you could send any message to your fans, what would it be?
What can I really say to them? 

Whitney Peyton: The fans are basically my managers, my publicists, and my label at this point. Nothing I could say could really express my appreciation. 

Brandon Harris: How would you describe your music, as well as yourself as an artist?

Whitney Peyton: Different, weird, quirky. 
Brandon Harris:What is the hardest part of being a female rapper?

Whitney Peyton:There are pro's and con's. I can't deny it helps me stand-out somewhat, but it also gives me a lot to prove. There are more and more female MCs emerging now... a ton of very, very good ones. We each have our own style though and message and being in the Music Business is just hard regardless of any of that stuff... age, race, gender, whatever.. it's just hard PERIOD.

Brandon Harris: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Whitney Peyton: Eh anywhere but jail or dead. I can't think that far in the future! I'm taking this one day at a time.
Brandon Harris: What was the hardest song that you have produced?

Whitney Peyton: I can't really pin-point the hardest, but I can tell you the deeper songs are harder to record than silly-ass songs because it takes a lot out of you to put those emotions out in the booth.  
Brandon Harris: What is your best memory while being on tour?

Whitney Peyton: Jumping on people's heads.. it's like floating on a cloud. Every show is a high. 

Brandon Harris: Any words of advice for your female listeners? Or any other females 
that are trying to make it in the industry?

Whitney Peyton:To really anyone trying to "make it". You have to be sure this is what you want. A lot comes a long with this.. and people tried to tell me when I was getting into it, but you never fully understand until you experience it. You have to be ready to give it 100%.... So many people are trying to do the same thing. So many people give their 100% and don't make it.. so if you give 80% you don't stand even one chance. 
Brandon Harris:How old were you when you started writing and rapping?

Whitney Peyton:I started out doing spoken-word and accapellas before I put everything to a beat. I really did it all throughout middle school and high school I can't even remember how old I was... but it wasn't until I was a teenager and could drive into the city and try to find producers to work with that I started putting my lyrics to instrumentals. 
Brandon Harris: Do you prefer singing or rapping?

Whitney Peyton: Rapping! I know a ton of my songs have melodic hooks, but I don't really consider myself a singer that much. 

Brandon Harris: You do a lot of sentimental music. You can definitely feel the 
emotions that you have gone through. Is it hard to record/perform?

Whitney Peyton:Yeah, like the earlier question it's way more tiring to record. It takes a lot from you mentally. It's usually a little easier to perform than record because by that time I've already heard the song a million times haha. 

Brandon Harris: What were your thoughts/emotions when your YouTube channel hit 1 
million+ likes?

Whitney Peyton: Can a Youtube Channel have a million likes? I think it may be a million views, but it's SOOOO DOPE! Look mom people give a damn! 

Brandon Harris: Who is your dream artist to go on tour with or to create a song

Whitney Peyton:I like that one singer chick "Lorde" she's a freakin weirdo. A song with her would be different! I feel Machine Gun Kelly would be a good one for me to tour with... a lot of fans are starting to ask me about working with him, and I think their right! It's a good fit.. we both are rappers with rocker mentalities. 
Brandon Harris: Do you have any upcoming shows/tours?

Whitney Peyton:I perform with Hopsin this month then next month I go on a full national tour with Da Mafia 6 (three 6ix mafia). 
Brandon Harris: What is your favorite thing about music?

Whitney Peyton: It helps my anxiety. That's what started all of my writing. 
Brandon Harris: Did you ever think you would have made so many achievements at this 
point in your life?

Whitney Peyton:I had big dreams when I started so I didn't "know" per say, but I did HOPE

Brandon Harris: What is your favorite album so far?

Whitney Peyton: of mine? PFFFTTTTTTT  "On The Brink"

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fans?
Whitney Peyton: TEAM UNDERDOG ALL DAY!!!!