The Real Big Smo of the new reality series Smo know's on A & E

 "Even Billy Ray is remaking a country song into hip hop"

Brandon Harris: What got you into music?

The Big Smo: I grew up loving country and rap so I figured id put the two together.

Brandon Harris: What has the beginning of 2014 been like for you?

The Big Smo: We have been all over North Carolina, Florida, everywhere.  At our first show a guy pulled out a chain saw in a fight and it really set a presidense for the tour.

Brandon Harris: What’s it like being on tour?

The Big Smo: It’s great to get my music out there but at the same time I have a family and a farm. It’s hard to be home for 2 – 3 day’s then back on the road. I’m a huge family man so that is hard.

Brandon Harris: What is your team like?

The Big Smo: My team is like a family we all have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day we are still a family. I have a 20 year old guitarist that’s like a son to me.

Brandon Harris: Getting where you have, what did it take?

The Big Smo: A lot of hard work. Even though you put in hard work , that doesn’t mean you’re going to succeed. 9 out 10 people fail, you have to put in that 110% percent and hope it pays off. I spent 13 years to get where im at now and with the right team it paid off.

Brandon Harris: Any suggestions for young artist trying to enter the ring?

The Big Smo: Get a good manager. A good manager is a key component to success. You have to be able to trust your manager with your life, shit even your kids lives. I trust my manager with my kids and I don’t trust anyone with my kids.

Brandon Harris: What it like creating your own music style? What other new artist are out there with the same style?

The Big Smo: It’s really cool, I’m just being myself, I’m from Tennessee im from the sticks, I just make real music, and stay humble. There are a lot of artist out there claiming to be country hip hop artist, but a lot of them aren’t real. If I don’t believe you, Im not going to buy your cd. Even Billy Ray is remaking a country song into hip hop.

Brandon Harris: How is warner bros as a label?

The Big Smo: they are a great company I signed with them almost 2 years ago. I did release my album at a show put it on sale early though. They had me spend about two years waiting to put it out,  and I kind of want to show them the hustle I had to come up on, that mentality still sticks with me.

Harris: What’ it like doing shows all over?

The Big Smo: I enjoy hitting crowds all over the place, but nothing is like a show at home. I can go to Sarsota, Fl and hit a crowed of 30 people, or do an at home show and be sold out. But I do love traveling shows as well. 30 people over time turn’s into 300.

Brandon Harris: Any international shows planned yet?

The Big Smo: No not yet but we have our passports ready. Any day now we could get a phone call from Australia or Germany and we would be ready to go.


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