Tankard Official Interview

Anthony Reed: Hi guys thanks for taking the time to interview how’s it been in the world of Tankard?
Tankard: Right at the moment we record our next album “R.I.B.” here in Frankfurt. The album will be out in June on Nuclear Blast! So right at the moment we are very busy
Anthony Reed: As I was sitting here prepping your questions, I had a young band member in my office begging me for an interview, So I gave him one and figured id help the kid out. As I got to the question of whom his inspiration was he named you guys. How does that make you feel?

Tankard: Oh that feels very good. As we never split up, ever fight since 32 years and went through very hard times, we are proud to be still here. A lot of people also younger ones really appreciate that fact!
Anthony Reed: If it were only you and your band mates on an island who would survive the longest?
Tankard: That’s me of course, because I have the most weight hahahahaha……….and if there is nothing more to eat I gonna survive them all!

Anthony Reed: Where did you all get your energy from, what sparked Tankard to begin this epic journey?
Tankard: We all have still fun to play that kind of music, that’s the most important thing. Tankard really combines Thrash Metal with Fun and as along we have still the same spirit we will keep on going!
Anthony Reed: With nothing but light in your future, was there ever a time you felt success was out of reach?
Tankard: As I told you before we went through really hard times especially in the middle until the end of the nineties when nobody was listen to thrash anymore! We played in front of 80 people and just a couple of shows a year. But we kept on going, because we ever loved our kind of music. So it’s nice when you have some success but for us not necessary! As we all have regular jobs we don’t have to live from the music. We are totally independent and we can do what we want. Otherwise we really can’t play all offered shows! That is sometimes really a pity!

Anthony Reed: Where are you guys seeing your selves both in music, and out of music in ten years?
Tankard: I really could not imagine a life without Tankard, so I guess we will be still there. More grey hair, a fatter belly but still the same metal idiots and of course No 1. In the official German charts …..hahahahah
Anthony Reed: As a team where does the point between work and fun hit?

Tankard: Everything is a lot of work, composing new songs, recording them, practice, playing live, but as I told you before we still have a lot of fun to that, that is the spirit, nothing more and less.
Anthony Reed: In the industry there are bands poping up all over, what is your trademark? What is it that sets you apart from the other musicians in the industry?

Tankard: We are the most ugly ones! Hahaha…………we don’t take ourselves too seriously and that really fits to us as persons! But the music is always serious!
Anthony Reed: You brand yourselves as alcoholic metal, what does that stand for? I’m taking it you may like a drink or two?
Tankard:We just called our second demo tape alcoholic metal in 1985 as a parody of all that new kinds of metal were born these days, later on we did all for this kind of image with albums like the morning after. Later on we really wanted to get rid of it, but this really failed. Nowadays we really do something like a parody of our own image. But we really want not to reduce to this kind of image, our music is more important I think! But of course sometimes we like to drink one or two beer……..
Anthony Reed: What has metal gone to over the last almost 30 years you all have been together?

Tankard: At the beginning it was something like a revolution, something knew. We were all great fans of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and joined all the beginning. Nowadays metal is one of many music directions, nobody is really shocked anymore. But the metal spirit is still the same and we are very thankful to be a part of it!

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Anthony Reed: Anything you would suggest to up and coming bands?
Tankard: you have to go your own way , don’t listen so much to other persons, be authentic!
Anthony Reed: Any favorite drink?

Tankard: Tomato juice of course!
Anthony Reed: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Tankard: Thanx a lot for you support in the last 32 years, without you Tankard would be nothing!  Watch out for R.I.B coming out in June! Hope to party togehter with you again!  Cheers!