Poor Boy Official Interviews!

Ryan DeRosa: Where did this whole journey start for you? Meaning in underground music?

Poor Boy:  A very young age. I was always a creative little fuck. My mother played violin in the Chicago Symphony. I was always dancing and singing and rapping everywhere I went. As soon as I was old enough to figure out how to record a track I went for it.

Ryan DeRosa: Who were you as a person before and after success?

Poor Boy: The very same person. An upper lower class, lower middle class citizen fighting this struggle of a life. Pushing my tracks to one fan at a time.

Ryan DeRosa: What’s in the mix for poor boy?

Poor Boy: A couple things actually. Just finished my mixtape "Imperfection". Got a handful of collabs you'll see on other artists' releases. Working on my next studio LP that will release towards the end of the year. I'm also participating in Hard Rock Cafe's Rising competition in Chicago this month. I'm always working on a handful of things.

Ryan DeRosa:  As a person what effects you more, making underground music or being on stage? 

Poor Boy:Those two things go hand in hand but really it depends on the track. Some tracks I feel the full effect as soon as I think of them or as soon as I write/record them. But there are some tracks that don't really get that full effect until I perform it on stage in front of a group of people. They're still good tracks, just the experience and emotion that I was going for isn't really appreciated until I see it in fan's faces.

Ryan DeRosa: If that makes sense. When did you write your first ever song?

Poor Boy: Age 13 is when I recorded my first track. It was on a little voice recorder. At age 8 I built my first computer. I used Windows Sound Recorder, this little minute program for recording voice memos, and a set of headphones I turned into a microphone. I used that little set up to record '20x As Great'. I had that all over myspace. Shit brings back some memories.

Ryan DeRosa: Who were your idols in your younger days?

Poor Boy: I've always loved music and I played a couple instruments in the school band so I always apreciated classical musicians. When I discovered Tupac and Biggie it changed my life. When I found out who Eminem was I immediately stopped being shy about wanting to be a rapper. Those are probably the biggest influences. But many artists have inspired me.

Ryan DeRosa: Who is Poorboy, as a person and artist?

Poor Boy: I'm your neighborhood friendly hobo. There's no difference between the person and the artist. I'll make a beat out of anything and spit some realness right over it. PoorBoy wasn't a name I chose, it was given by peers. The name follows me wherever I go. I'm your posterboy for poverty. I'm the incarantion of the belief that good things can come from bad places. I'm the Don fuckin Mecca of the UnderGround. You come round here in those skinny jeans rappin' bout your favorite ice cream flavor or some shit and I'll show you whatsup. I'm the one screaming Fuck Swag and I'm the one who never stops even when I'm down. I'm me, and I really don't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. I can walk around everyday looking stupid as fuck but still be happy. I'm PoorBoy.

Ryan DeRosa: Favorite city?

Poor Boy: Chi-town fool HOLLA!

Ryan DeRosa:  What is your mission statement?

 Poor Boy: Good question. Do most artists have these? I kinda do. I've always wanted to do two things in life; make music, help those in need. My goal is to spread my music for all the world to hear. A percentage of all my album profits are donated to a charity whose contributions are centered towards the overall health, education, and wellbeing of the children of the world. You got to start somewhere and the children of this world are the people most of us should invest in. They are our future and for a lot of them; they won't have a future without our help.

Ryan DeRosa:  What plans are breaking the ice in 2014?

Poor Boy: Well I hope to make it some ways into the Hard Rock Cafe's contest. I'll be posting on my Facebook the link to vote for me. If I win I'll perform in Rome, Italy. Other than that I got my new LP dropping sometime this year. And you can expect a few surprises coming your way. It should be an exciting year.

Ryan DeRosa:  NBA, NFL,MLB?

Poor Boy:  Da Bulls, Da Bears, Da Sox, Da Blackhawks. Favorite past time in music? Yeah, bouncers dragging me out of a club by my neck before I could go on stage. Haha.

Ryan DeRosa: Most memorable collab?

Poor Boy:  My most memorable collab fell through and ended up not happening I wish I could give details but I can't. So my next favorite collabs would probably be anything I did with my old label BDP. We did a lot of good things back then.

Ryan DeRosa: Advice to youngster’s in the game?

Poor Boy: There's so many of you! I get messages all the time from kids who want to try to rap. Asking me how to start writing or making beats or whatever. Dude. If you have a passion for this then just start doing it. Don't worry about if you're doing this or that right. Just let it flow. However it comes out it will be real. Wether it will be real enough to show others is different. Don't make music because you want other people to like it. Make it because you like it. Eventually, people like you will find your music. Instead of people who like music will find you. If you're not doing it for yourself you shouldn't be doing it at all. That's all I can really say.

Ryan DeRosa: Whats your view on the Chicago based cheif keef?

Poor Boy:  No comment. Haven't listened to any of his material.

Ryan DeRosa: Anything most fans don’t know about you?

Poor Boy: My entire studio is built from scratch and I record at my mama's crib. Now that I think about it, most people probably already know that. So here's something most probably don't realize. I've been considering dropping the PoorBoy from PoorBoyLuke and going by just Luke. Most promoters or club owners see the name PoorBoy and immediately assume I'm garbage without even listening to my material. I get blacklisted a lot before being given a chance. Some tracks are listed as just Luke. I'll always be PoorBoyLuke, but in the future you might see just Luke on album covers. Some fans might take that as me changing and that's not true. Real fans know that PoorBoy and Luke can sometime be two different styles completely. If I did end up changing my name you'll still hear PoorBoy and you'll still hear Luke. Nothing will change but the name. But I'm not sure if I'm going to change it or not, honestly. If any fans have opinions on this I'd love to hear them.

Ryan DeRosa: Did you fall in or out when grills became the in thing?

Poor Boy:  Haha. It's like the Flava Flav clocks or those giant ass chains in the music videos. They look cool in the videos but if you walk around with any of that shit you look like a damn fool. I almost got a grill a couple times. But jewelry ain't really my thing. I liked the song though. Used to love Nelly's work.

Ryan DeRosa: Who do you feel was the most influential artist of 2013?

Poor Boy:  Honestly, I couldn't say. I don't listen to much new music. I'm constantly working on my own so when I listen to music I don't really go looking for new artists I just stick to the classics.

Ryan DeRosa:  What’s your biggest hobby outside of music?

Poor Boy: Programming and Graphic Design.

Ryan DeRosa: Best selling song yet? 

Poor Boyy: Fuck Swag. But the most popular song is 'Bounce 2 Tha Rythm' but we didn't make the beat so it wasn't for sale.

Ryan DeRosa: Biggest youtube video?

Poor Boy:  My Cribs episode. I still run into people that bring that up.

Ryan DeRosa:  Where do you see music as a culture 100 years from now?

Poor Boy: It's going to sound weird I can say that much. I just hope my own music can last the ages.

Ryan DeRosa:  Anything you wish to say to your fans?

Poor Boy:  Yes, Thank you thank you thank you. I can't state the obvious enough and that is that none of this is possible without you. Everything I become and everywhere my music has taken me is because of your belief in me. I work very hard on my music and a simple compliment or a like of my status means the world to me. I hope that you continue to venture down this path with me and stay strong hobos. We will be on top soon!