Revilement exclusive interview with Anthony Reed

Anthony Reed: Hey guy’s How’s it been going in the world of revilement?

Revilement: Things are going well. In 2013 we toured to Finland and Vietnam, then dealt with a few personal issues. Now that those are sorted out we're gearing up for our new album, finishing up some new songs and making plans to hit the studio later this year.
Anthony Reed: Where did you guy’s see yourselves being today 10 years ago?
Revilement: Ten years ago we didn't exist, but when we first started out in 2006, I think we just wanted to see how far we could take it. I don't think any of us ever thought it would get as far as it has, with us touring across Asia and even to Europe. When you're just starting out you hope it will happen and you work toward it, but you never really believe it could happen.
Anthony Reed: What was the best part of recording pillars of balance?
Revilement: The best part, for me personally, was finishing. I don't enjoy being in the studio at all. Something about it makes me nervous, and it's a lot of boring repetition. The only enjoyable part for me is hearing the finished product.
Anthony Reed: As a band is life better on or off stage?
Revilement: Off stage we're all just working our regular day jobs. So those rare moments when we do get to be on stage doing what we love are what we really live for.
Anthony Reed: Goals for the team in 2014?
Revilement: The first priority is getting the new album done. Then we can start looking ahead to planning the next tour. We want to take our music to new locales, and already have some irons in the fire on that front. It might be 2015 by the time we actually do get on the road again, but we're always working on the next plan of action.
Anthony Reed: Where do you come up with your graphic work for your albums and merchandise?  
Revilement: We leave that squarely in the hands of the skilled artists we've worked with such as Jon Zig and Isa Pilapil. I'll give them a theme to work with and they might bounce some ideas off me as well, but generally we just let them do what they do best. Artists usually work to their greatest potential when they have a high degree of artistic freedom. I would never try to box them in. We trust the artists we work with and let them do things their own way and exhibit the signature style we hire them for. It hasn't failed yet.
Anthony Reed: Joe for president 2016?
Revilement: I think I'm still too young, and not an American citizen, but sure, what the hell. How much more fucked up could the country get anyway? Hey, I think I just found my campaign slogan.
Anthony Reed: As a team have you ever had to take a breather and just walk away or is it a smooth ride?
Revilement: never been a truly smooth ride for us. We've had lineup changes here and there, and in the course of the creative process you also have disagreements that can get heated. We spend a lot of money to do what we do and that ramps up the pressure on each of us as well. There's no label paying our way; it's all out of our own pockets. Conflicts are inevitable. But generally we're on the same page, even if some of us lose the script from time to time. No matter what happens, we come back stronger than we were before.
Anthony Reed: Who are your hero’s?
Revilement: For me its the lifers in the game. The guys who stick it out and stay metal, or punk, or whatever musical movement they might identify themselves with, and don't let advancing age or societal pressures force them into conforming to values that aren't their own. Bands that keep going and keep putting out amazing work like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Immolation, Napalm Death, those are the guys I really look up to.
Anthony Reed: What does music mean to you?
Revilement: It's one of the few things in the world that makes me happy. It keeps me going and gives me something to live for. The everyday existence is mundane. The world around me is going to shit. But music is always there. It's also slowly killing me, but you take the good with the bad.
Anthony Reed: the fact that you can inspire younger artist, what does that mean to you?
Revilement: I'm not sure that we do, but if we can that would mean the world to me. If a kid can get out of music what I've been able to get out of it, which is to see some of the world and make some incredible, lifelong friends in the process, and I would have something to do with that, it would be the greatest reward of all.
Anthony Reed: What is the drink of choice?
Revilement: Whiskey, straight up.
Anthony Reed: Anything up and coming?
Revilement: We've got our first show of 2014 coming up later in February with Diablo from South Korea and another Taiwanese band called Emerging from the Cocoon. After that it's all about album number two.
Anthony Reed: What is the craziest fan experience ever?
Revilement: In Wuhan, China we were playing a gig in a nightclub that was having a techno dance party after our show, so we had some of the club kids coming in early while we were still on. Partway through our set I looked out and saw that while we were blasting away, the club kids were doing this kind of electronic music line dance to our songs. That was definitely a first for us. I ran out with the mic and joined them.
Anthony Reed: Where do you guy’s want to be in 2020?
Revilement: Hopefully still doing what we're doing, going to new places, and hopefully have at least three albums out by then.
Anthony Reed: What is the tour schedule looking like for 2014?
Revilement: Likely pretty sparse because of writing and recording. 2015 will probably be the year we get back out there.
Anthony Reed: Anything you want to say to your fans?
Revilement: Thanks to anyone who took the time to check us out and keep supporting us. We appreciate every message of support we get, and it keeps us going. Cheers.