One Year Reigns interview entry!

               One Year Reign Interview 

Amazing inside of One Year Reign with Anthony Reed. Keep your eye's pealed and your ears open, see what these guy's have to say and keep up with them in the next few days and see part 2 and three of this epic interview with Underground Interviews.These guys are new to the underground music scene but they are rocking out! 

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Deep in the winter of 2010, Aaron Liebert (guitar) and Ryan Grace (percussion) got together & started making music. At first they merely performed cover songs for fun but soon started making their own material. It wasn't too long before they added Mike Foglia (bass) to their line-up. This period of time was marked with sporadic practices & half-composed original works. The first quarter of 2011 marked major changes for the small-time band - they added Rob Peterson as a second guitar player to their roster and finally came up for a name for themselves; One Year Reign. Over time Zach Gardner became the newest edition to the band and acquired Rob Peterson's role as guitar so Rob could become the vocalist for the band.

In November of 2011, after writing a handful of songs and performing on the local circuit, One Year Reign began recording their debut album "End of an Arrow”. They continued to perform while Aaron and Mike went to college, employing the musical skills of Matt Walusek (Bass) to keep the momentum going at live shows. On December 28th, 2012, after more than a year of recording sessions, "End of an Arrow" was released. One Year Reign continues to perform as often as their charisma and growing reputation permit, and never leave their audience dissatisfied. 
One Year Reign currently has 2 singles released - To the Sky, Stay Silent - and a debut album - End of an Arrow. Work has already begun on their sophomore effort.