Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus:

  Many are calling Miley Cyrus a bit to out there these day's. I for one feel that although she is an Idol to millions,she is living out her need of growing into herself. Yes she may have become a bit racy at times, and no at some points children should not be allowed to watch some of her new video's but at the same time who are we to judge? We have all had a point in time in which we have done things others found a bit out there. I say let her live out her need for attention and eventually she will grow into a person over the next few years and her life will settle over time. As many young stars have, almost half of the female pop stars i the 90's she is in her experimental stage, her music video to "Wrecking Ball" which did not sit very well with many parents, critics, and peers of Miley, it has hit 551,582,378. That shows that just maybe her stunt might be working that video alone made her around $4 Million dollars just of of adds. So she is doing something right!