Liquid Assassin Interview

Liquid Assassin

Brandon Harris: What got you into music? 

Liquid Assassin: "Listening to my older brother music and getting into all that"

Brandon Harris: Where did you find it hard to progress I the industry? 

Liquid Assassin: "I never really looked at it being hard to progress. I always just made music and went wherever it took me. It definitely has changed the last few years though"

Brandon Harris: How did you become Liquid Assassin?

Liquid Assassin:"My homie James (Jimmy Donn) found me and recorded my first music. He thought it would be a dope name by the way I rap."

Brandon Harris: What were some things you had to give up to get where you are?

Liquid Assassin: "Honestly, EVERYTHING! I sacrificed relationships, friendships, jobs, and time with family. Man everything."

Brandon Harris: How many hours a week do you spend working on your craft?

Liquid Assassin: "Music is my life so, I spend the majority of my time doing it."

Brandon Harris: Where do you feel you are at in this point in the game?

Liquid Assassin: "Making a living and keeping my fans happy"

Brandon Harris: What do you look to add to that in the next few years?

Liquid Assassin: "Honestly whatever comes. Hopefully buy my mom a house 1 day"

Brandon Harris: What is different about you from the day you started in music to now?

Liquid Assassin: "Probably the content and my rapping has got better"

Brandon Harris: Any favorite songs you have done?

Liquid Assassin:"Nah, I like all my music. I like the songs at the end of my records alot though" 

Brandon Harris: Who was the best artist to collab with?

Liquid Assassin: "It was dope with Tech N9ne, being there and creating the song together. But No favorite really, if they are on my record, Im sure I really wanted them on it"

Brandon Harris: Any tours in the near future?

Liquid Assassin:"Right now I am just doing spot dates. I have a few things in the air right now though."

Brandon Harris: What is the average time you spend working on a song?

Liquid Assassin: "That definitely varies. Sometimes I can knock them out in a couple hours. Other times it could take a day or so."

Brandon Harris: What is the hardest part of creating an album?

Liquid Assassin: "For me its just finding the time to write and record the record. Also getting all the features back and the mixing process."

Brandon Harris: Where did you start? What town, what area, with who? 

Liquid Assassin: "Eastside of Saint Paul Minnesota, with Jimmy Donn."

Brandon Harris: As an artist how does it feel to have a substantial fan base?

Liquid Assassin: "It feels like a blessing. The reason I still do what I do"

Brandon Harris: What are your goals?

Liquid Assassin: "Buy my mom a house, take care of my family through my music"

Brandon Harris: Any big moves in 2014 for liquid assassin and crew?

Liquid Assassin: "Finish another record, and hopefully get on a bigger tour."

Brandon Harris: What are your summer plans looking like?

Liquid Assassin: "Hopefully tour"

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans?

Liquid Assassin: "Yea, I appreciate each and EVERYONE of you that supports what I do. It’s truly a blessing. Thank You!"