Interview with Slette of Kush Gang

Sleete, Kushgang, the real story
Sleete Of Kush Gang
Brandon Harris: When did you get into music?

Slette: I got into rap when I was 12, actually over an ex girlfriend. I never graduated High school, I got my ged.  Still out here hustling still making money, music makes it feel like I’m doing something where I can get better and better and better.

Brandon Harris:  That makes sense man, when you got in the game and through the past, what inspired you man?

Slette:  I nev3er did well in school, I never did well socialy, but I was like myspace famous, I had other people who would support  it. No I got Juicy J on my album, I got yo gotti , I got little white on tracks.  Fuckin pyrex, on this album coming out. I think age keeps me motivated , Im not 35 out here trying to rap, Im only 20 man.

Brandon Harris: I respect that man, so what you got coming up in 2k14 for your fan’s?

Sleete: Got an album dropping me and my guy got this album on 420 coming out. We have a show in Organ coming out with 3 6 mafia, Whitney Peyton and more. We have a 40 – 50 city tour coming up in May as well. Shooting music with dog town.

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Brandon Harris: What’s the big plan after this year?

Sleete: Im going to keep going, Im not the type of rapper I want to be known for my music, not for dropping songs all day. Im already getting out there doing verses, I don’t lie to people I do this for the money, like real talk give me my fuckin check, you can keep the trophies.  I don’t make music for people I make music for myself man.  I don’t do this for people, I don’t do this for fan;s, I do this for me. I went down to Texas for six months shot  a video with pyrex, you get 100 plays in a month and hit 14,000 likes in a week.

Brandon Harris: What’s your opinion on Chief Keef?

Slette: I think Chief Keef, is somebody that doesent give a fuck, never gave a fuck. Chief Keef is new gangsta rap. Gangsta rap is coming back. Chief Keef is Chi town Gangster rap. At the end of the day his video gets a million plays in a wee, I smoke to his shit, and support the man hard, he’s doing something right. 

Brandon Harris: Where do you see your self in ten years,  your dropping the album, you got things going on where do you want to be , what do you want to look back and see?

Slette: I want to look back and know that I did something.  In ten years I will still be rapping, Eminem is 42 bro, Ill still be young and in the game.  Im kinda tired of selling drugs man, I want more money, I wanna make that money and become something big.

Brandon Harris: Don’t mean to cut you off man but I have to say out of all my interviews your real as shit bro.

Sleete: Well when you ask me something expect a real answer; I don’t have time for fucking around and bullshit man. I get to the point of the issue at all times bro.  Kush gang almost kicked me off the label because I’m to the point. I’m an asshole, but I’m honest, I’m going to do things my way and give a fuck less what anyone thinks.  Did you know Eminem is the only rapper to have every album going platinum. That’s cause he’s different.
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Brandon Harris: When your doing a show what’s going on in your mind?

Sleete: If I’m drunk I get on stage and forget all my lyrics, If I’m high I get it going, and when I’m sober I look at the crowed and see what I’m working with.
Sleete: Maby Ill go platinum, If you do something and go major with the music it aint sellin out fam it’s being smart.