Hex Rated of LSP interview

Brandon Harris: How did you come up with the name Hex Rated?

 Hex: Well, Ive been going by Hex for years, I went by the name when I was a Graffiti writer on the streets so naturally kept the name when I began rapping, after my group NSN broke up I wanted to set myself apart and differentiate from was I was doing to what I am now. Faded and Hex Rated was a common saying when I was getting fucked up so it just made sense to go with Hex Rated.

Brandon Harris: How long have you been rapping for?

Hex: 5 Years

Brandon Harris: What is your most meaningful song you created?

Hex: Suicide from my most resent ep Rigor Mortis, Suicidal thoughts and images are something I live with and have dealt with for almost my entire life. Suicide features a friend and someone who I greatly respect musically Yoshi the Great from Gritty Musick and is the realest song I’ve ever wrote.

Brandon Harris: How long have you been with LSP?

Hex: Technically I signed with LSP under the group NSN in March of 2011, but it was not announced until May at Gorefest 2011.

Brandon Harris: What message do you want to send to your fans?

Hex: Fuck Authority, Fuck the Law, Fuck Your Family and Fuck God. Rape Shit

Brandon Harris: What is your favorite thing about being a rapper?
Hex: and Recording, the creative process is awesome, the feedback from fans and mosh pits!

Brandon Harris: How did you get into the music industry?

Hex: I kinda bullshitted my way in, I saw an add for beats for sale on Myspace back in 08 produced by Jason Porter, I bought it and he collabed on it, I had no idea what bars, dubs or adlibs were, Porter basically told me what needed to be done for a verse to sound good and I did it and I’ve never stopped fucking beats up since.

Brandon Harris: Tell us a little about LSP, as well as yourself?

Hex: LSP, Lyrikal Snuff Productionz consists of one of the most stacked rosters in the Industry consisting of Scum, Mastamind, Insane Poetry, Dark Half, Smallz One, Ikkuruz, Fiasco Andretti, Draztik myself and more.  Majority of the artists currently reside in Colorado but many are spread thru out the country and we run this bitch! Myself, Im a stoner, I love Hash, if you haven’t done a Hash Dab look it up and find who ever has that ear wax hash and get started, your slacking!!!

Brandon Harris: Anything new or excited coming out that everyone should keep an eye out for?

Hex:  I just released my 1st solo ep Rigor Mortis back in April so I’m currently still in Rigor Mortis Mode, Go get that shit and I promise you wont be disappointed also go check out my debut music video with Insane Poetry - Gore Hop

Brandon Harris: What music inspired you when you were younger to get yourself to where you are today?

Hex:  Honestly it would be easier for me to tell you what didn’t influence my music, Country. I listen to everything from Industrial Metal to Hip Hop to R&B, I appreciate talent at all levels and I hate garbage music with the same rool.

Brandon Harris: Any role models?

Hex: I wish I had the business sense Scum does for sure, Cyco gives me some of the best advice I’ve ever had musically. SickTanick is one amazingly talented individual whom I highly respect, Gritty Beanz has the dopest flow and hardest hustle in the underground and definitely helped to get were I am now.  Much respect to all listed.

Brandon Harris What do you think about the Underground Girls?

Hex: My wife is a Underground Girl and I respect all forms of art and anyone with a hustle so much love to yall and thanks for showing me support!

Brandon Harris: Who’s your favorite Underground Girl?

 Hex: Brittnay Dean

Brandon Harris: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 Hex: In your moms old dusty pussy getten raw!

Brandon Harris: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Hex: Sin City

Brandon Harris: How do you want your fans to view you as?

Hex: A Lyricist and a Artist.

Brandon Harris: What is your biggest accomplishment in life?

Hex: Making a family with my beautiful wife and building a Musical Career, also fucking your sister.

Brandon Harris: Anyone you would like to give a shout out to, or a personal thank you?

Hex:  Scum, Gritty, SickTanick, Fiasco Andretti, Jimmy Donn, Troll, Spade, Dejangles, Strong Survive Promotions, the Roxy Theater(Denver), Jason Porter, Intrinzik, Cyco, McFly, Qrem, Dame with Funk Volume, George V, Soda Jerk Presents, My Wife Brittany, Heroin Thom, the Rev, Stephen and anyone who ever bought a ticket, cd, shirt or helped support me in any way

Hex Rated and Insane Poetry
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