Expendiency Slamming


 Brandon Harris: Hey How are you all doing?
(ES)Good, thanks mate, thanks for asking us to be a part of the interview.

Brandon Harris: When did you decide to begin in the underground music field?

(ES) In march 2008, under the name Ending Truth played Grindcore, Then change name to Expendiency in January 2010 played Brutal Death Metal.

         Brandon Harris: What is the best thing about being as big as you are  in the  music scene?
(ES) Support from our friends and full support from Indonesia and media partner, especially Busuk Webzine.

Brandon Harris: Who is the member of the band that can keep yall laughing?

(ES) Adit (guitar and drum programming).

Brandon Harris: When was your first ever stage appearance?

(ES)First our perform with name Expendiency in 2010 at Gedung Kesenian Pemda, Cibinong-Bogor, Indonesia.

Brandon Harris: How has your band worked over the past few years?

(ES) 2010 – Promo Demo 2010
Line Up: Adit (Vocals), Fahmy (Guitar), Rico (Guitar), Moe (Bass), Koko (Drum).2011 - Single "Masturbation Lust" 2011.
Line Up: Rico (Vocals), Fahmy (Guitar), Adit (Bass), Koko (Drum).
2012 - Promo Demo 2012 "Slam, Kill, Bite, Chew And Spit" 2012.
Line Up: Kiki (Vocal), Fahmy (Guitar), Adit (Bass), Erwin (Drum).
2013 - Promo Demo 2013 "Penis Decapitated Madness" 2013.
Line Up: Kiki (Vocal), Adit (Guitar and Drum Programming)

- Where does the band spend it’s off time? 
We spend off time in Gubuckgore Records in Bogor, Indonesia.

Brandon Harris: What got you all into music?

(ES) All Brutal Death Metal Bands.

Brandon Harris: What are important goals to you as a team?

(ES) Yeah we work as a team, because if it is not compact, band will not going well.

Brandon Harris: What instrument’s do the members of your band play?

(ES) Kiki (Vocals) and Adit (Guitar and Drum Programming).

Brandon Harris: What are your hobbies?

(ES) Adit hobbies is Played guitar, traveling, hang out. And Kiki hobbies is listen to the music, playing Skateboarding, and interesting to design graphics and sound system.

Brandon Harris: Who is the main writer in the band?

(ES) The main writer in this band is Adit (Guitar and drum programming).

Brandon Harris: What is the next big milestone for you all?

(ES) Releasing our debut full length album this year is the next major thing for us. Entitled our debut album is “Sadistic Murder Of Human Slaughter”.

Brandon Harris: do you get time to relax?

(ES) After work and Rehearsal on studio, we Hang out with our friends.

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to be in ten years?

(ES) Have several albums, and tour the world.

Brandon Harris: What does music mean to you?

(ES) Music is my ultimate goal. because music is my way.

Brandon Harris: What instrument’s does the team play?

(ES) Adit wearing BCrich flying V Guitar, Cort flying V guitar, POD effect guitar. And Kiki wearing Mic Shure, Drum programming use Toshiba Laptop, mixer and Soundcard.

Brandon Harris: When is your next tour?

(ES) Next our show in Depok, Indonesia.
- What is the best part of being influential?
USA Brutal Death Metal Style.

Brandon Harris:Any new bands you all are listening to?

(ES) Adit mostly listen to the classic brutal death metal bands; Disgorge (US), Putridity (ITA), Inveracity (Greece), Cinerary. And Kiki Disgorge (US), Pathology, Inveracity, Cenotaph, Disavowed, Gorgasm, Defeated Sanity.

Brandon Harris: Any goals for 2014?

(ES) Release our full length album and Tour Album.

Brandon Harris: What is the coolest thing you have had happen to you as a band yet?

(ES) There are so many awesome things that have happened, because all we are doing is very impressive.

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans?

(ES) We’d like to thanks everyone for their continued support. For you Brandon and all media partner support, big thanks. To anyone who has ever listened to our music, been to a show, bought merch or supported us in any way. We hopefully that our first album release, will not disappoint and we can play in a city near you. Yeaaaah!!!!