2Wikid Interview

Lolli-When did you guys start 2wikid?

2Wikid-Id have to say around 2008. 

Maddie Lolli-Who started the group?

2Wikid- I found a group of friends that used to hang out. I found out that they wrote music. So I told them i did too. So we all go together and made our first songs as Thy Dark Legion but one thing after another things started falling apart. So we all broke apart and did our solo thing for a while but Pillz and I found eachother on a cold New Years night and after a few weeks. We sat in a half dark hallway writing our first song til it was basically done and ever since That day we called ourselves 2Wikid So it was a joint decisions it was like it was meant to be  

Maddie Lolli-Have you guys done any tours?

2Wikid-Not yet i can speak for both of us that this is a blessing for us both. But this Dark Half ,Skitzo and mastermind tour is going to be a hell of a first tour to go one 

Maddie Lolli-Where do you guys originate from?

2Wikid-Pillz is from the slums of a buttcrack town Natrona, pa and I am from back woods town called gibsonia i moved there while i was young but connected with my home town again to make this music happen

Maddie Lolli-Why did u guys decide to start performing?

2Wikid-Music is in my blood my dad died doing music he loved every minute of it so im taking his goals and trying to complete them 
and Pillz this is one of the only real way to exscape out of what he goes threw on the daily we both wanna go out and explore 
see the world which we both finally got this chance 

Maddie Lolli-Do you guys have a favorite song you have written?

2Wikid-Relapse and locked up Which locked up will be on the up coming Mix Tape 

Maddie Lolli-Do you have any future songs in the writing or albums?

2Wikid-We got alottt on the roll right now we got 
The Demon EP
 coming out 4-20-14
2Wikid Vol.2
 trying to get out durning march
Weed Eaters sometime after the tour.And we will be on a few feature songs from 
Savage Insitez, Anarchyz Chyld and a couple others 

Maddie Lolli-Do you have any goals for 2wikid?

2Wikid-Try to take JFE Ent to the top and never stop and to keep it real with our fans alot of artists dont have alot of connection to their fans i love to mingle around in crowds 

Maddie Lolli-Do you have any favorite artists?

2Wikid-Neil Young, The beatles. Kid Crusher any Psychopathic Records 
Pillz:ABK, monoxide from twiztid 

Maddie Lolli-Do you guys have any idols? 

2Wikid-We both lived really without a big idol except us we always wanted to get better than the other but we always surpass one another so it gives us a goal to get better

Maddie Lolli-Have you performed with any big artists or semi big groups?

2Wikid-Micheal Greaves From The Misfits
and a bunch of locals like Malice Demon, Dirrty Dirrt and multiple artists from JFE Ent, bake lo, krak roc, king krimzon,molly grusome, jerren benton ,and dizzy wright 

Maddie Lolli-Do you have anything to say to any of your fans?

2Wikid-Keep it real tell no lies Something Dark and funky is on the way 
Do what you do and do you cause no one else can tell your different 

Maddie Lolli-What do you guys do for your free time?

 2Wikid-Make our own lil show tunes Smoke and write tv skits like the Whitest Kidz you know 
we wanna make an internet series called dont get me started 
got a ton of skits in mind 

Maddie Lolli-Why did you guys choose music as a career?

2Wikid-therapy to stay out of trouble and to get out of the day to day ruts that we are in and it goes for us both >_< 

Maddie Lolli-Do you have a favorite underground girl?

2Wikid-Molly Grusome Razikel Ill-E Gal