Smallz LSP Interview

Brandon Harris: What got you into music? How did you get into Underground Music?

Smallz One LSP: A lot of things, the appeal of being creative on a level not a lot of people back then were really on. My best friends cousins would chill, drink, smoke, and spit some really dope freestyles back when I was a freshman. I was always blown away by their skills. WuTang was such a strong force in the game and seeing that it could be done by anyone outside that clan, including me, really drove me toward it. So I started writing, and it never stopped.

Brandon Harris: What is your favriote thing about your music?

Smallz One LSP: It’s just a variance from what people in the underground are used to. Of course being a female is a cool factor in all of it, but I always let the talent of really dope male emcees influence me. I like to touch subjects females can relate to, but in a way males can appreciate and not be embarrassed to listen to. Although I don’t cater to feminist issues, I am a girl, and well, we’re all fucked up, so our issues prevail over most. These issues make interesting songs that I enjoying writing and performing. Being on a label, Lyrikal Snuff Productionz, with a lot of talented men, is definitely a benefit that I love as well.

Brandon Harris:What was the first song you ever recorded?

Smallz One LSP: I cant really recall the first song I recorded, but that’s not a bad thing because, when I started, I definitely had room to grow…..I recorded a bunch of lyrical, poetic kind of songs by myself on a tape recorder. I recorded on an actual computer with my friend Ill Nickell soon after, and we collabed on a song that was along the lines of having A.D.D…of course with a bit of a dark light on it. And it was on from then.

Brandon Harris:In your experience what are the positives and negatives of this industry?

Smallz One LSP: The underground, to me, can be great if you will it to. Aside from the disturbing topics of the music, I have met all my current friends through this scene and met so many people that are open to what me and fellow artists are doing. That’s incredible to see when I’m touring and I’m away from my family. There’s always politics involved when dealing with anything really, and you just got to know who to get close to and who to avoid, which comes through time, and I’ve been doing this for over ten years now. Business is business, when you start getting too close to everyone you come in contact with, that’s when shit starts to get a bit complicated and it  redirects from the foundation of it all: music. So I like to keep my circle small, I respect everyone doing their thing, but I’ve enjoyed my consistent fan loyalty and devotion to what I do without the side bullshit.

Brandon Harris: Is it harder as a woman to be a rapper in the Underground Music scene?

Smallz One LSP: Not any real difference from being a male I’d say. I don’t assume that because I’m a female that people should listen and like my music. Like anyone in any form of art, you always have to push yourself to levels where you can appeal to more than just one demographic of person. It is true, a lot of people can’t seem to take female rappers seriously, but in my eyes in the past few years or so, a lot of women have stepped up and appeared in this shit with a lot of talent, amazing talent, that make some male rappers look horrible. It’s a new day in time where girls are giving men a run for their money. Respect for them is definitely there and none of them are really sayin “look at me I’m a girl”. They’re just dropping really dope tracks. So I think the female/male separation will soon fade away. Why shouldn’t it? I myself have done more with my career than guys that rap/talk really big shit, and I  just don’t see any gender division. Doesn’t matter anymore, we’re all in it to win it and do what we love for the people who love what we do, penis or vagina!

Brandon Harris: Where do you want to go in the next ten years with your music?

Smallz One LSP: I’ll go anywhere it takes me. Nothings ever determined, especially ten years out. But to go to a successful place in music would be nice haha.

Brandon Harris: What is something no one Knows about you?

Smallz One LSP: I don’t know how to meditate, so I just like to hang upside down and choke myself until an empiphany has been reached in my mind and blood vessels pop.

Brandon Harris: Any hidden talents?
Smallz One LSP: The name Smallz One came from my graffiti days. I don’t do it so much these days, but I appreciate that art form in every way.

Brandon Harris: Guys, music, or money what comes first?

Smallz One LSP: Number one for me, is always my family. My daughter’s almost two now, and she’s on the top of any list. My boyfriend, Bloodshot, of almost four years is always my main squeeze, the only one for me. Then music, then money!! And that’s the damn truth.

Brandon Harris: Where can the fans catch you? When are your next few shows?

Smallz One LSP: My second home is Denver, CO, so me and Scum have been discussing a few October shows at the Roxy out there that I’ll most likely be attending.

Brandon Harris: Any new co-labs coming up?

Smallz One LSP: I’m actually near completion of my third album, Mannequin. And I do have some fantastic collabs on there. I recently did a track with my label mate Dieabolik and also Slaughtercore Entertainment’s KGP. Both tracks are really dope, those guys really deliver something extrodinary to this album. And me and Scum have created another killer ass track that I can’t wait for everyone to hear.

Brandon Harris: Any big shows in th near future?

Smallz One LSP: Yes, the mecca of all Xmas shows, Black Xmas in Denver, CO. I think this will be my fifth one, and they’ve been consistently off the fuckin hook. I’m always excited for these particular shows