Slaughter Denial Official Interview

Brandon Harris: How did you all get started in underground music? Denial: We started with the music differently between us. Fabrizio has played piano for 11 years before starting to love growl and scream vocals ‘cause he listen Cannibal Corpse 22 hours a day. No one would say but Claudio is a lover of such bands as System of a Down and (early) Korn. From SOAD goes to Blind Guardian and Exodus. Remarkable, isn't it? J Alex plays guitar from when he has a young boy. If I were to tell you all his musical history, I would be here until tomorrow morning. I will just say that he is a guitarist who studies classical guitar at the University by day and plays in a death metal band by night. Enough for you? Simone plays drums from when he has 12 years old. He loves drums than same life. OOH also grilled meat, for sure. ;-)

                                                                                    Brandon Harris: Any favorite song?

Slaughter Denial: There are too many fantastic songs. The problem is not choose someone but not being able to put them all.

Brandon Harris: What has been your biggest inspiration?

Slaughter Denial: 80’s thrash metal bands (Metallica, Testament, Exodus, Sodom); 90’s death metal bands (Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Death, Suffocation); 90-00’s groove metal bands (Pantera, Lamb of God, Chimaira). Obviously, everything that we like is an inspiration for us.

Brandon Harris: How do you take the learning’s in your life and put them in your  underground  music?

Slaughter Denial: We learned just how unfair the world. How bad even among people who loves each other. Write lyrics about violence or destruction is not how to speak of beauty or love’s disappointments. For this and other things that we play death metal and not shit.

Brandon Harris: Any favorite Underground Girl?

Slaughter Denial: This question is very difficult for us. All the women on your website are simply amazing! Same can be said of favorite song.
Brandon Harris: Any surprise releases?

Slaughter Denial: We are unpredictable. Nothing for now but it is not said that there not will be in the future...

Brandon Harris: What do you have to say to your fans?

Slaughter Denial: Thank you very much for loving our music, come to our concerts and buy our merch. We are on Facebook ( and we have an website ( Don’t forget us and keep sharing the disease! THINK SLAUGHTER!


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