Sketchy Waze Interview

Brandon Harris: What got you into music?

(SW) I've always loved music of literally EVERY genre. Nothing has ever been 
able to make me feel the way a powerful song can make me feel.. I grew 
up on a lot of oldies, rock and rap music. From the age of 8, I would 
compose lyrics and keyboard melodies, and by the age of 10 I was trying 
my hand at writing raps. I got into a lot of trouble as a kid, but held 
onto my passion for music through the years, and after I grew up and got 
away from the bad scene, I turned to it again, and have since been 
putting 110% into my craft.

(SW) How hard have you worked to get to where your at?

(SW) I feel I have worked too hard! I dedicate every free second I have to 
this. But I honestly feel that will be the difference between success 
and failure. So many people are talented, and I won't pretend to be the 
best rapper in the world, or even my town. What sets me apart is my 
drive. I will not take no for an answer, and I think one can only hear 
the word 'no' so many times before it eventually turns into a 'yes'. So 
I guess I'm just grinding until I hear my 'yes'.

Brandon Harris: What goals do you have for yourself?

(SW) Well, obviously I want to be successful at music. But other than that, 
I just want to have a happy life and provide for my family. In fact, my 
family is the biggest drive to continue on with my music.... Oh yeah, 
jet skis. A pair of jet skis are definitely on the bucket list.

Brandon Harris: I saw you screen print as well. Coming from owning a few commercial print shops, and screen printing background got to ask what got you
into printing?

(SW)I basically stumbled on a bunch of equipment for dirt cheap, and 
scooped it up initially to just do merchandise for myself and a couple 
other artists I was working with at the time. It has since grown to 
where I print for several small regional companies... Mostly just 
supplemental income until I find my rainbow.

Brandon Harris: So whats mastermind ent like?

(SW) MasterMindz Entertainment is a group of super-talented artists from my 
area that have come together to mutually support one another. We have 
rap artists, bands, videographers, engineers, producers all on the 
label, essentially working for a common dream. The idea of MasterMindz 
is; if one eats, we all eat. If one starves, we all starve. It's really 
cool because I've been able to take the minimal success my music has 
experienced and use it to generate interest and excitement over a 
unified music group in our region. At the very least, today as it sits, 
MasterMindz Entertainment makes it possible for talented artists who 
have no resources to complete their music projects without having to 
spend any money upfront. Everybody on the team works for a back-end 
percentage, much like a major label would.

Brandon Harris: How did you get on the label?

(SW) MasterMindz is actually my brainchild. It wasn't until this time last 
year that it began growing into a functioning label. Up until that 
point, it was just me repping a group of lyricists that I rolled around 

Brandon Harris: Any major shows in the near future?

(SW) Shows have never been a problem for us to get. But this year we have so 
much going on behind the scenes, that at least for a couple months we 
won't focus on any big shows. Right now we have 4 studio albums from 4 
different artists we are working on, as well as accompanying videos and 
marketing plans, so we really just want to focus on getting completely 
established this year. Get our roster out and then we will focus on 
booking shows again. Until then, we will continue to do smaller, local 
shows just to keep the artists fresh.

Brandon Harris: Any big plans in the near future?

(SW) As artists, epic opportunities have kept coming up. I just got to shoot 
a music video with Hed PE's Jahred Gomes, who is a really cool dude. I 
am supposed to be linking up with Potluck in the coming months to knock 
out a video for a track we did together. My band, HomeTown Criminal, is 
expected to drop an album this year as well.
As far as the label is concerned, this year is about finding a couple 
more critical members of the team. We still don't have a tour manager or 
PR person, as well as a couple other roles. I have been wearing a lot of 
the business hats myself. Early on, I did everything- Videos, graphics, 
booking, PR, production. I really like the trend I've seen this last 
year of bringing other people on to fill critical roles. So one of my 
biggest plans is to complete that, so I can focus on just one or two 
roles as a label exec, and focus mostly on making music for a couple 

Brandon Harris: Where do you want to be this time 2036?

(SW) On a beach with my wife and kid and a margarita. Haha, I just want to 
be successful at my dream. Music has been my life's ambition for as long 
as I can remember, and if I don't end up successful, God and I are gonna 
have words at the gate about him giving people unreasonable aspirations. 
Haha, I work really hard at this, so I can't imagine there won't be an 
eventual pay-off for me.

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fans?

(SW)Yes, I want to send eternal love and appreciation to everyone who has 
ever taken the time to hear my music, watch a video, or support me in 
any other way. The music business is one of the hardest industries to 
get into, hands down. There is no blueprint, no college with an 
internship program at the end. It is all a gamble whether people will 
like your music or not. So it means so much to me to have such 
widespread support. You guys are my lifeline, and I know I couldn't do 
any of the things I have done without the continued support of my 
people. I also want to thank the periodicals and blogs, like Underground 
Girls, for taking the time to help me on my path. You guys are the shit, 
and everything I do, I'm doing for yall!



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