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Necro, Necro Interview

Brandon Harris: What got you into music?

Necro : I think my Uncle Chanan did when I was really young, my first memories of music that blew me away was Hall & Oates, maybe I was 7, I remember Chanan also had an ovation acoustic guitar I was amazed with, and he would jam alot of 60's rock too - then in the projects I started hearing hiphop and started reciting all the lyrics to la di da di - thats where it all started and grew from there with channel U-68

Brandon Harris: Where did you talent begin, what was your first musical boom that got you up and going?

Necro: probably playing heavy metal guitar, I did my first shows when I was just 11 years old, opening for heavy weights like Sepultura, Bio-Hazard, Obituary & Napalm Death, to name a few all in Brooklyn at the legendary club L'amour, The Rock Capital of Brooklyn!

Brandon Harris: Whom inspired you?

Necro: Alot of people in my life, but as far as hiphop, I was inspired by Rakim, Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS, Slick Rick, Main Source, Tribe, Pete Rock & CL, Dre, Cypress, all that hot shit at the time

Brandon Harris: How often do you preform?

Necro:I did 200 shows and took off for a bit, getting ready to tour again soon and bang out another 200 shows

Brandon Harris: What are your long term goals?

 I have accomplished alot as Necro and as a record label, so I just want to keep giving my hardcore fans more music for years to come, buy alot of real estate, find a woman to make me some babies, stay in shape and be in peak physical fitness, shoot some movies

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan on being in 10 years?

Necro: In 10 years I will atleast have my first kid, which will be cool, I will own atleast 5 pieces of really dope property - I will have over 100 titles on PLR, right now I got 37, so I want to release alot of shit, probably many just digital titles every year since CDs are harder to sell constantly, and atleast find that woman that I want to spend my time with, it hasnt been easy finding someone up to my standerds and I dont want to lower my standerds and settle for some wretch

Brandon Harris: What is the best thing about having such a large fan base?

Necro: It motivates you, it makes you feel good, it shows that my work and sacrifice wasn’t for nothing

Brandon Harris: Any particular show stand out as amazing?

Necro: Yeah the one I posted up with me rapping live in 1992, that was amazing and might be my first official hiphop show that I can remember

Brandon Harris: Any colab's coming out?

Necro: Yes, The Godfathers with Kool G Rap, a video and song with DMC, I dropped a verse for a song with Billy Danze from MOP, waiting to see what he does, I did a song with Ruste Juxx, I did songs with a bunch of other MC's too like Demunz from Canada, Karm & KB from Australia, Backyard Job just released their collabo with me, Big Dave too, I did a song with Gutta this year, dropped a verse on Hyde's new album, did Men At Work 2012 last year, but my main focus now this month is the new record with KGR and the song/video with DMC, those 2 are gonna blow up the spot for me cuz those guys are legends

Brandon Harris: Whats new with Necro in 2013?

Necro: dropping mad new videos with Necro Films, and getting Godfathers completed for Nov 19th release

Brandon Harris: Drama love it or hate it?

Necro:I dont run from it, I dont mind confrontation, I'm conditioned to deal with all drama cuz I expect it so when it comes I crush it

Brandon Harris: What advise do you have for young people in the game?

Necro: Dont bother, go into the technology business, that's where the money is, if you wanna be broke do music, not cuz I'm broke, but because they will have to start from the bottom in the worst time for music, cuz noone buys it, I actually do well cuz I own all my masters and have a catalog of 37 titles, so I make money, also I have a diehard fanbase that supports, to build a diehard fanbase, good luck, prepare to put in 10 years of work atleast

Brandon Harris: Anything you wanna say to everyone jamming to your music?

Necro: Yes I love you all, support the movement - respect!!!!

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