Official Interview with Travis vocalist of Visceral Disgorge

Brandon So ball gagged and Gutted was an amazing song where did yall come up with it?

Thanks! Our guitarist Steve ended up writing the majority of the music and I wrote all the lyrics. That song ended up being revised several times musically before it became what it is currently.

Brandon Harris: So what previous  bands led all your members to this band?

TVD: Visceral Disgorge started out originally with a few members of Eaten Alive, which was a slightly more primitive version or the predecessor to VD. Eaten Alive played death metal formed in 2004 and disbanded by 2006 due to drummer issues. We reformed a year later with a new drummer changed our name because of musical direction practiced for about a year and wrote a couple songs  until our drummer ended up leaving yet again. Then we pretty much gave up at that point and went on hiatus until 2009 when one of our current guitarists started jamming with Dan Harris that’s when we decided to resurrect Visceral Disgorge

Brandon Harris: How long have yall worked on each song?

TVD: We got signed in the winter late in 2009 so we wrote/practiced and re-worked the material on Ingesting Putridity during most of 2010  and spent the first few months of 2011 preparing for the studio, mapping the bpm's for the songs getting the artwork and inlay for the album and all that fun stuff.

Brandon Harris: What do you guys think about the economic recession?

TVD: Bad time to be a musician! haha, I guess everyone is hurting and trying to make their dollars stretch more and more. I think it is having an adverse effect on people's brains functioning properly  especially when we have show organizers and booking agencies try to low-ball us when calculating travel expenses .

Brandon Harris: What do you guy’s do on your down time??

TVD: On my down time I have a full time job. When I am not at work I am focused on Visceral Disgorge; booking shows, replying to emails, moderating several webpages, working on new merch designs, corresponding with our merchandising distributor so on and so forth. We all work hard and play hard.

Brandon Harris: Where did each of you pick up your ear for music?

TVD: I have played in various bands since the age of 16 from punk to metal to grindcore to death metal, so I attribute my own personal experience to my ear for music. I can't speak for the others haha.

Brandon Harris: What did it feel like when you got signed with Amputated Vein Records?

TVD: It was all very exciting for us, because before that we were never really motivated to take playing music serious. Nothing straightens out unmotivated musicians better than signed contracts and being thousands of dollars in debt.

Brandon Harris: How does it make you feel to have such a big fan base? Did you ever imagine it would become this big?

TVD: It feels pretty awesome when you realize people in third world countries wearing your t-shirts and supporting your band.  Before the signing I would have never thought we could be in the pages of Decibel or have the opportunity or demand to go to somewhere like Puerto Rico for example, but after it happens it's exciting and you want to keep going bigger and better. After a while the band becomes self sufficient, and you have to try to keep the ball rolling forward. It's a good feeling when all those hours of promotion and hard work start to pay off. Expect bigger and better things from Visceral Disgorge in the level kind of shit!

Brandon Harris: What is the next big step for VISCERAL DISGORGE ?

 TVD: Recently we have taken a pretty hard blow with our drummer Dan leaving to pursue his education and just a few weeks ago one of the founding members Eric (one of our guitarist) decided that it was time to part ways as well, due to some recent personal reasons he will no longer have the time. Me and the other guitarist Steve are currently working with a new bassist, a new drummer and a new guitarist to get caught up with our current material and just starting to write new material now. In a couple months marks June 6th, which will be 2 years since we launched our debut album INGESTING PUTRIDITY. What you may not know is we will be out of contract with our current label(AVR) and we are currently in contact now with several labels with bigger recording and promotion budgets  to negotiate for a follow up album. Once we are at that point we  plan on supporting that album on the road. 

Brandon Harris: Where are you going to be preforming this summer?

TVD: Because of the recent member changes we have not been focused on booking, however within a couple months VD should be back on our feet and everyone should be up to speed with the material and we will start playing out again. Later this year there is talk of a possible east coast tour.

Brandon Harris: Any new album releases soon?

TVD: Possibly, we are anticipating something next year if everything goes accordingly. Unfortunately, I can't disclose any information on a release date or label at this time.

Brandon Harris: What the most fun thing about being a musician?

TVD: Blowjobs from band sluts! haha, I would say the adrenaline rush from being on stage, the energy of the crowd. Also, travelling to new places and meeting new faces/friends and contacts and then returning to places you have been before seeing old faces.

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to fan’s?

TVD: I would like to thank everyone who ever supported or helped us out over the past couple years. The people who show support, buy bands merch and  music, book shows, run distros, attend bands live performances are the people who make the music scene thrive or part of the solution not the problem. Go check out and pick up some merch

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