Official Interview with " Marpo" the best rapper in the Czech Republic by far

Brandon Harris: What originally sparked you interest in music?  How did you choose Underground Music?

Marpo: To be honest with you? I saw a movie with Tupac called Bullet when I was 13 years old. Ive checkd who is this guy Tupac and found out hes a rapper. Thats when I started rappin.

 Brandon Harris:Your song Tak Kdo, sick as hell what was your thought process there? What were you thinking when you wrote it. It honestly has to be in my top 2 favorite songs ever? 

Marpo: That song is mostly about me tryin to get on the top of the game. How alotta people tried to fuck me over. Tried to make me not succeed. So its my 10 years in one song. How hard it was. And I made it. Its probably one of my best songs too bro, to be honest with you.

 Brandon Harris: What is being a rapper in the Czech Republic like?

 Marpo: Well its funny. So many czech rappers are influenced by all those gangsta rappers from the states. Because i visit the states twice or more times a year. I know what it is. I aint no gangsta, I never been and never will be. I am an ex muay thai fighter. That’s what I am. So if I say Ima knock the shit out of you? Its true. But all that bullshit about sellin dope and shit, that’s bullshit. So there’s not so many rappers that are fo real over here.

Brandon Harris: Favorite colab you have ever done?

Marpo: Anything I did with Hard Target! Check him out. Florida based rapper who did like 4 tours with me in Czech. Hes like my brother from another mother.

 Brandon Harris: Anything new in the mix that we can look forward to in 2014?

Marpo: Yes bro, definatelly. Im workin on an EP with Target that should be out by April. Plus I am workin on a show. I wanna do a biggest hiphop show in Czech. Stage wise, Lights wise or pyroeffect wise. So thats keepin me busy. Plus i am a drummer in the biggest rock pop band in Czech so we are practisin for our already sold out show in o2 arena which is like 16 000 people.


Brandon Harris: You started rapping at 13, how did you get your music around at such a young age?

Marpo: As I said bro, Tupac... lol

Brandon Harris: What was it like releasing “Knockout”?

Marpo: Well, stressfull, ask me about releasing R!OT my last record which has a huge succes followed by a sold out tour bro... That is bananas. When i was standin on a stage in Lucerna a club in Prague, sold out i looked at the people and I said in my mind. Motherfucker you made it.

Brandon Harris: So a gold record, and international music, what is marpos net big goal?

Marpo: I want to be as successful as I can get. Continue to work on a great music. From my first CD till now. People say it was always better and better, I elevated with every CD so I want to be better and better.

Brandon Harris:Who are you as a person when the music is off and your on you time?

Marpo:  Dude Im a proud father haha. Guy who cannot live without sports. Boxing all the time, running, circle workouts and everything.

 Brandon Harris: What are your hobbies outside of music?

Marpo:  As I said boxing, but other then that. Hangin with my friends, travellin around the world, movies. Bro I love America. lol Five Guys is the shit !!!! Love those burgers.

Brandon Harris: What would you say to young people trying to get into the music industry? Any advice?

Marpo:I know it might sound cliche but, do it for the love of the music not for the money and fame. I did for money, i did it for fame. I was a stuck up asshole who didnt appreciate it my fans. And I lost it all. You aint got no idea how it feels when your clubs packed to go to like 50 people in front of the stage. I got a 2nd chance and I made i worship my fans! Love em to death.

Brandon Harris: Who were your inspiration’s when you were young?

Marpo: Throughout my life my dad is my inspirations. He’s in a rock n’ roll hall of fame in Czech. Hes one of the best guitar players over here.

Brandon Harris: When you coming to the US on tour?

Marpo: I wish so bad bro. but I think itll happen probably 2015. My schedule is sooo crazy I cant leave my country for like 5 days str8. Ill be in Florida this Feb but only for like 10 days.

 Brandon Harris: Do you have anyone you want to thank?

 Marpo: My fans. They made me who I am.

Brandon Harris: What is a secret most people don’t know about you?

Marpo: I  been with my wife since I was 14 dude.

Brandon Harris: Beer or hard liquor?

Marpo: Holy shit that’s a good question. No beer, str8 shots dude !

Brandon Harris: Top three bucket list items?

Marpo:God, it might sounds funny but. Make it really huge over here, I wish i could make it in the states, at least on a little level. That’s kind of my dream. That’s like all of those 3 things combine together.

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fan’s?

Marpo: Love you guys. TroubleGang or nutin !!!!