Official interview with Daddy Long Legz of wolf pack ( founding member of the bloodhound gang)

Brandon Harris: What got you into music?

Daddy Long Legz: Well a few things. First I have always been into music, all different types from a young age. I was born and raised in Long Island NY so I grew up going to concerts with my parents very early seeing stuff like "Sha Na Na" and "Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons" Then when I was a little bit older just as rap started to emerge I would check out local rappers live at house parties and what not on the island. These cats were relatively unknown as rap was just starting out. You could see live "BPD", or "UTFO" and "Biz Markie" and then bounce into the city to see hard core groups like "Judge", and "Youth of Today" play CBGB's. So from all of my life I was always exposed to music, and it moved me. When my family moved to PA from NY that opened a whole other world to me musically and socially and this is when I met some good friends who were musicians that got me more involved in the "making of" as opposed to just the "listening to". From there i was hooked!

Brandon Harris: Who are you now as a person from who you were when you were with the bloodhound gang?

Daddy Long Legz: I'd say I'm a good bit of the same person, just a lot wiser now in my years. I have switched scenes from main stream to Underground Music.You are taught one thing in school and by observing what you perceive but the real world blows all that bullshit right out of the water and with living life you find yourself getting a real world education. So if anything I am wiser, not as impulsive to do dumb shit and I can no longer ollie over a trash can anymore. Then again I am uncertain how that was useful to begin with?

Brandon Harris: How long did the new album take?

Daddy Long Legz: The actual writing and recording, not that long when you put the time all together. We did it over the span of time which we sort of watched the music industry implode. Really we were biding our time more so then anything to see what we were going to do with it upon completion. Do we sign a deal? Do we self release? Do we just do singles? Do we give it away for free? Pretty much needed to just sit back and see what was working and what was not to determine where to go with it. That was the real lag in time.

Brandon Harris: What are your goals with this new album?

Daddy Long Legz: Not sure we set any real goals other than to give birth to a new bunch of music for people to enjoy. We know who we are and what we are, we understand what we do only appeals to a small majority of people who can relate to the kind of nonsense we produce and its for that small amount of people we do it! We love what we do, and love to be able to make music for "us" the small underground scene that is out there for us that supports us that can relate to us. Past that there really was no "goal" besides birthing a new baby of music for yall to nod ya head to , oh and maybe offend some of the PC crowd out there. To them, FUCK OFF!

Brandon Harris:  Are you going on tour this year?

Daddy Long Legz: Yes, but not sure on the when and where. We have a bunch of indies who want to put stuff together but we are more inclined to jump on as support for another preexisting tour as it works much better for us. We shall see what materializes, for us all I can say is keep a eye on our Facebook and web page for more developing information.

Brandon Harris: What new song did you work on the hardest?

Daddy Long Legz: WOW great question. I'd have to say lyrically "Get Your Hands Up" was the curve ball. Its a super group collaboration track based on the Quentin Tarantino classic flick "Reservoir Dogs" but like the movie where you have five wise guys who all come from different places in life to pull a heist the track features five MC's with very different styles coming together to do the same. So Buddha and I were joined by underground ledges Mars, Kung Fu Vampire and Defekt to collaborate on a track that was us telling a revision story that we see play out in "Reservoir Dogs", which to me was a fun and unique idea to bring musically. So many collaboration are just luke warm phoned in ideas in attempt to sell more records to the other artists fan base. In this case however it was about the track and we hardly even advertised that there was even a collaboration on the track as we didn't want to just steel the other artists heat, and if at all anything we wanted to expose our fan base up to these other MC's who we feel have a lot to offer them! Any case the real work came when we got back everyone's vocal tracks, we had send out a guide track and a concept sheet of the track to all three of them and what we got back from each of them was mind blowing. Each of them brought their own unique "A" game to the table that Buddha and I were like "Fuck, looks like we are going to have to rerecord our tracks" so we could even hang with the skills the three of them showed! If you haven't ever checked out the music of Mars, Kung Fu Vampire and Defekt do yourself a favor and do so now. All very different and all extremely talented! So i think that was the hardest lyrically. Musically it was all the same, I "serve no wine before its time" so I take a long while on each track musically till its got my head moving, then I know its ready for our people.

Brandon Harris: Where did the name WOLFPAC come from?

Daddy Long Legz: It stems from my former band The Bloodhound Gang. Myself and Jimmy Pop started the BloodHound Gang out of my and his basement. It was a odd hybrid that we both mixed together as you can hear on "Dingleberry Haze" and "Use Your Fingers", you can even still here a good bit of my influence on the later album even thought I was out the door by then. When I left the BloodHound Gang I took with me what I brought to the table, a lot of the harder east coast sounding hip hop tracks and more aggressive sounding vocals. It just seemed to me the natural progression of the name, where is you had this "gang" or group of Bloodhounds, here was to be a much more aggressive side of a similar group but much tighter and larger in scope, hence WOLFPAC.

 Brandon Harris: Why wait almost 12 years for a new album?

Daddy Long Legz: I think I hit on most of this above, mostly just waiting for the dust to clear from the music industry to see where to put our chips.  

Brandon Harris: Any music videos in the near future?

Daddy Long Legz:  We have two that are already in production right now. The first one up is for "Let Me Hit It" which is the basement party anthem to end all! We aren't talking about the whole "big pimping" Vegas party thing at all, we are keeping it real talking about that high school, in the basement, in the garage, pack to the hilt, insane party to end all others that scrubs like Buddha and I lived off of! DJ's, live bands, booze and the occasional trip to the emergency room! We will be filmed during one of Buddha's infamous house parties, which we will be inviting everyone to come to be a part of! So keep your eyes peeled to the WOLFPAC web page and Facebook for more info soon!

Brandon Harris: Square peg round hole? Where did yall come up with the name?

Daddy Long Legz: Musically, and socially that is just the story of our lives. We have never made music that fit any one style and we never fit in anywhere that was a "scene" really. No mater which box you attempt to put us in we never seem to fit. I think that is why we seem to relate and get along with other outcasts and that is just fine with us.

 Brandon Harris: What’s your favorite album from 2013?

Daddy Long Legz:  I am so disconnected to new music its not even funny. I think I would have to say ICP's "The Mighty Death Pop!" I think that was 2013, maybe was late 2012 I forget, I don't have my calendar with me. That and Madball "Rebellion" EP but again I think that was 2012?

Brandon Harris: Favorite Ice cream?

 Daddy Long Legz: All and any really. I am a sucker for anything sweet!

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Daddy Long Legz: Much love and respect to you all for supporting us thought the years! Its because of you we are hear and we hope to continue doing what we do for yall's ear holes and eye holes! MUCH more coming soon so make sure you stayed tuned to our web site, Facebook, twitter and instagram as we will be blasting all the developments out there into the interwebs for yall to peep!