Official interiew Pazzo of 2nSane

Official interiew Pazzo of 2nSane

Ryan DeRosa: Hey man what got you into the music industry?

JP:I had some close friends in high school (Oso & 708) who were doing their thing at the time. One day they asked me to come in and lay a hook down for them, as they knew I had been writing for awhile after that it's been a nonstop journey ever since.

Ryan DeRosa: When and why did you start UG Promotions?

JP: UG Promotions which UG stands for Urban Guerilla 708 & I started in 2010. At the time I was part of 2nSane, 708 being my closest friend we had conversations about how the scene was lacking opportunities. Since it was a struggle to just get a chance we wanted to change that. So we created Urban Guerilla Promotions as an outlet for hip hop artists from seasoned to up and comers to have the opportunities that we found scarce or selective to where you had to be friends with the promoter to get booked. 

Be sure to check out Current Line-up: 2nSane (myself and DJ Bobe Blaze), Haze, Mission:16 and P-Dawg at our site!

Ryan DeRosa: Coming from a city background you have been bringing a lot of talented young artist to the table, how do you do it?

JP: I like to think its because I've been thru so much in this industry from the business side, that I've learned and continue to learn what works and doesn't. I keep an open door policy, that anyone even the artist who has never hit the stage before can come to UG Promotions and ask the simple question "how can I perform." Being an artist I know what it feels like to just get an opportunity to take what you've spent time working on and take it to the next level, its a great feeling of accomplishment.

Personally I try to balance being a fan of the scene and other artists just as much as I am an artist/promoter; instead of just having tunnel vision focusing on our brands (2nSane and UG Promotions). Doing so has allowed me to not just become an acquaintance to many artists but friends also. As we have that common ground of interest with our passion for urban music and it's culture.

Ryan Derosa: Whats the next big step for 2nSane?

JP: Bobe Blaze and I have been bouncing ideas around for months and have some ideas we like to bring to life this coming spring. The shows, booking and performing will continue. However we will be releasing an album which will include mixes from Bobe Blaze, solo's by myself, features and a special appearance by Bobe Blaze on the mic; which will entirely be engineered by Oso. 

Ryan DeRosa: What are your goals?

JP:When it comes to the music it's always been to grow and develop as an artist, group and business owner. Nothing too crazy short term since it's hard to set goals in an industry that's constantly evolving. You just kind of have to roll with the punches and do the best you can with what's been handed to you at the time. 

Ryan DeRosa: So I have to ask what is the deal with all the confusion? Who started 2nsane? What are the morals behind the music? What are yall about?

JP: No worries man I get asked that question frequently. However, 2nSane was originally 2nSane Productions which MikeyK (Mikey Faulkner) had came up with one day. It eventually was changed into 2nSane Records when he passed it off to Chucky who I worked with for awhile but we had differences which we couldn't smooth out so unfortunately I had to cut ties on a business level and I took the name with the blessing from MikeyK. I still and will always give credit to MikeyK as the founder of 2nSane; it's an honor to me to hold down the legacy that he holds near and dear to his heart.

It wasn't a personal hit at him ,Chucky, as some tend to assume. It was in the best interest of a name that so many had represented at one point in time putting their time and money into it. That list includes Sicc (currently Windy City Music), Klim & Loppsyded (currently Triple S S.L.A.N.G), Philly Wonka, DJ Kingpin, Drama, Shank, Chucky, Whyte Noize and the OG himself MikeyK. 

As you can see the brand 2nSane has been thru hell and back. Insane Clown Posse had said something recently at their seminar at GOTJ 2013 when bringing back AMB and Boondox; which really hit home for me and explains it the best when it comes to the industry. People change due to things that are going on in their lives; people come and go on labels/groups etc. The music industry when it comes to business is a completely different beast then most can even handle, shit happens you can't help that. You just have to push forward and continue to try your best. With that being said I wish those who are active in the scene good luck on their music endeavors as well as support them and I'm still friends with a handful of past 2nSane brethen. 

Ryan Derosa: Any big venues coming up?

JP: We do have some appearances coming up detailed info can be found on our website Listed below are few dates:

9.14 w/Miss Kissa at Mojoes Red Room in Joliet Illinois (17+)
9.21 w/Liquid Assassin & Ak of Do or Die at Mojoes Red Room in Joliet Illinois (17+)
10.12 w/Layzie Bone & Do or Die at Aquavor in Hammond Indiana (21+)
10.15 Haze and Us opening forTech N9ne's "Something Else Tour" at Mojoes (all ages)

Ryan DeRosa: I remember the first time I meet you, you had been invited to flow at my home girl Amy's funeral. Where have you gone since that day, what is your self proclaimed biggest improvement?

JP: Man that day will forever stay with me Amy was a close personal friend of mine. I think since people only see me at shows because I'm on the go so much think I don't stay close to many I've met along the way on this journey. Amy was one of those people who had I struck an instant bond with when we met. I remember getting the call and not sure how to take it - it eventually hit me harder than I can put into words. Performing her favorite song "Why" acapella has to be one of the hardest things I've ever done. It was at the request of her mother who I had never met but had heard a lot about me from Amy. She asked if I would and there was no way I would second guess whether I'd do it or not. In a way that moment kind of shaped me more on a personal level because of how much emotion ran thru me within that minute and a half. To this day wherever we perform in my bag I actually keep her funeral mass card with me. I rarely perform "Why" anymore and when I do majority of the time it's the acapella version as a personal tribute to Amy.

I've been around, my life moves at such a fast pace that sometimes it's overwhelming to me. Still working doing shows and trying to balance a personal life on the side. I think when it's all said and done I've grown as a person drastically from who I was a few years back.

Ryan DeRosa: Seeing you all at the ABK and Blaze show you had a real stage presence, you've been practicing your stage attitude it looks like?

JP: (laughing) I will say when I first started I was not good at all performing live. Learning to negotiate a stage (monitors, mic cords, where those are at on stage with you and etc.) and have that stage presence is a skill that develops over time, it's not easy to move, keep on time with the beat and still remain focused enough to interact with a crowd. 

I appreciate the feedback and that you enjoyed it. I'm more hungry for success, standing out and being heard now then I ever have as I realize we have actual supporters now. It went from friends and family at shows which they still come out; to getting in front of new faces and being able to reach out to them thru our music and making that connection. My newest track "Never Slow Up" is my way of saying thank you to those day one supporters and our new fans.

Check it out here 

Ryan DeRosa: Who is the best rapper alive today in your opinion?

JP: I've always liked artists who can captivate a crowd and own the song by being able to take their emotions, the beat and make it one complete piece. So with that being said Krizz Kaliko normally stays in rotation for me. With "Bi-Polar" and "Hello Walls" being my favorite tracks. If I want to go into beast mode it's Stevie Stone which I like to listen to "My Remedy" before shows to it gets me focused and keeps me grounded with the message in that track.

Ryan Derosa: Jay Peezy for president 2016?

JP:(laughing) I hate politics to be honest but if I had a slogan it'd be "We Are Underground." Wouldn't mind throwing some out of control parties in the White House though. My request for the oval office, stripper poles and Faygo Red Pop on tap on my desk. Plus screw all that uncomfortable ass looking furniture swap that out for bean bag chairs. VOTE FOR PEEZY DEAD HOOKERS FOR EVERYONE!!

Ryan Derosa:So I hear yall are opening for Tech 9 that's pretty dope how did that come about?

JP: That has to be the most random but good phone call I've ever received. We have a pretty well established relationship with the venue, so originally before they even publicly released they had the show we knew. At that time I had asked about openers, who wouldn't, which because of the size of the tour was informed there would be none. We said oka left it alone and never brought it up after that. One day the owner called me up and presented me with the offer and of course we accepted. I think I had more joy in sending the text to HaZe and B.Blaze then I did originally hearing "would you like to open for Tech" personally from the owner. My Urban Guerilla fam is just that a fam so being able to send that text to them, made my day to be honest.

Ryan DeRosa: Any new albums in the mix?

JP: Right now I'm focused on putting out some solo singles while working on the album. You'll also be getting exclusive mixes from Bobe Blaze during this time as well.We haven't released the title, but we will for Underground Girls since we support the brand and what you guys do. 

The title of the album will be called "My Asylum" which is to represent the craziness in which we have been locked in within this music industry from both a DJ and Emcee perspective. From my side lyrically you can expect a lot of dark melodic joints that touch home to me and hopefully will relate to emotions that our fans feel. As in the time frame in which I've been in this music industry the range of emotions I have felt are endless and this album will be an uncensored look into my mind and the journey I've been on up to this point.

Ryan DeRosa: Any favorite Underground Girl?

JP: I'm going to have to show love to the home girl Shonda from up in Wisco the lady of the very talented Mo Foley; which if your ever in Lake Geneva be sure check out Foley's Bar & Grill. Their family is always holding it down for the underground up north. Also I have to shout out Nikki who is an acquaintance of ours.