Official E low Interview up and coming!!

Brandon Harris: Where did you start in Underground music  and what got you motivated to do music?

E low: well i started rapping when i was 3 i was in the car with my mom and 2pacs all eyes on me came on and just started rapping over the beat and my mom had a major drug problem and got me on drugs at a very young age not having a father then i moved in with my granparents and they took care of me in a somewhat way kinda just took me in cause my mom lost me to cps and my dad is nowhere to be found so no child support my motivation to rap is to get myself away from what im doing right now and help others out who went threw the same shit that i did.

Brandon Harris: So now as an artist where Are you at in the game?

E low: to answer that I’m not BIG but i am dope u know as in im gaining more and more fans everyday cause i like to promote and connect with people and give out collabs when people need it, a couple months ago prob 9 months i recorded 2 songs then i got locked up for a armed robbery charge and i thought i wasn’t goanna be out for a long time so i wrote 4 mix tapes within 2 months and i got out the first thing my brother said to me was " did you drink a rapping potion?" and i just laughed and if u really look close to my music you can tell how well i improved in 6 months ive been recording cause i try to put out 2 songs a week at least

Brandon Harris: What has been your biggest success thus far in the rap game?

E low: my biggest success so far was just getting out this tracks 2 times a week and i kept up with the motivation and meeting new people thats always good to me i like to connect.

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to be in the next ten years?

E low: in the next 10 years ?? Big real big that all i gotta say... some say i am way to lyrical for my age but theres a bunch of others that are just like me but i read the dictionary and also watch movies and write it down and stack ammo im a never stop writer... 

Brandon Harris: For sure fam what artist out there has influenced you more than any other?

E low: well these are my top 3 artist ODB , EMINEM , BIG L

Brandon Harris: For sure man What is the plan for you over the next six months?

E low: Try to get push my mixtapes out to the 313 , 311 , 586 , everywhere in Michigan if im off bond and finish this album house arrest really hold u back from that, but makes me work more then ever

Brandon Harris: for sure I understand that where can fans hear your music
E low: Youtube or my Facebook page Soundcloud sometimes but im not a regular user of it

Brandon Harris: For sure, so marijuana, patron, what’s your choice man?

E low: Im on everything im Hooked,where i get most of my ideas

Brandon Harris: for sure, so sound lab? What do you work off of?

E low: fruity loops , adobe audition thats my recording programs

Brandon Harris: for sure. When are you off house arrest

E low: im not sure right now im thinking Feb 10th if not i gotta go to trial because i got other charges pending besides a armed robbery charge

Brandon Harris: Damn, fam bad boy to the bone huh?

E low:nah im just a kid trying to get away from bad things from happening that naturally do. i take rap shit way more serious then a famous rapper does lets just say that

We all have our struggles, man so has your past influenced your choice in getting into music?

E low: yea , my mom did cause i dont like her

Brandon Harris: For sure, So anything to say to your fans?

E low: yea, never let anyone tell u what to do if u wanna do drugs do drugs wanna kill go ahead make your own choices thats where im getting at dont let other make them for you