"Official" Cryptic Infection

Ryan DeRosa: Hey How are you all doing?

Crypt Infection : Great, bro, thanks for asking!

Ryan DeRosa: When was your first ever stage appearance?

Crypt Infection: As Crypt Infection, it would have been in a bar in 2009, but we’ve all been in bands for a while. I think The Garage, here in Ventura. That, or it was at a place called Take 2. Dan Osborne (Inherit Disease, New Standard Elite) had helped set up a Unique Leader tour stop. That was brutal. One of our fans broke another guys nose and there was blood everywhere. One of the Italian bands said “Wow, man, your fans bleed for you!” haha!

Ryan DeRosa: How has your band worked over the past few years?

Crypt Infection: Like, how do we get along? Fantastically now. We had a second guitarist that just wasn’t working out personality wise and it was bad for morale. We’re back to a four piece and we all get along great.

Ryan DeRosa: When did you decide to begin in the underground music field?

Crypt Infection: I started in 2003 in a death metal band. I was just always passionate and needed an outlet for all that aggression. I knew I had to get on stage and make some sick music.

Ryan DeRosa: What is the best thing about being as big as you are in the music scene?

Crypt Infection: Haha, I don’t know about us being big. Maybe someday. Even still, ion the “Technical Death Metal” scene, it seems huge to us, but it’s such a small fraction of people out there. Like .001% of people are into tech death.

Ryan DeRosa: Who is the member of the band that can keep yall laughing?

Crypt Infection: Probably me. I’m always crackin’ jokes.

Ryan DeRosa: Where does the band spend it’s off time?

Crypt Infection: Off time, what’s that? Haha, I think we tend to drink at this bar called Sans Souci, but everyone calls it The Sewer. We like dark dive bars.

Ryan DeRosa: What got you all into music?

Crypt Infection: I was always drawn to darker, heavier music. My parents listened to stuff like the Moody Blues and Men at Work, but as soon as I was getting exposed to harder rock, then metal, then death metal, it was like a moth to a flame.

Ryan DeRosa: What are important goals to you as a team?

Crypt Infection: Making sure this new album has the best possible sound we can make. We really want to show our best and kick ass on it.

Ryan DeRosa: Who is the main writer in the band?

Crypt Infection: Joe, followed by Mike. Lyrics are about 75% Ken and 25% Joe.

Ryan DeRosa: What is the next big milestone for you all?

Crypt Infection: Getting this new album done, and doing our next tour. We’re heading out to the Building Temples from Death fest in Houston, TX and we’re really excited about it.

Ryan DeRosa: When do you get time to relax?

Crypt Infection: Not often. We all have at least one day job, if not more.

Ryan DeRosa: Where do you plan to be in ten years?

Crypt Infection: Alive! Drinking, rocking out and still making the most brutal music we can.

Ryan DeRosa: What instrument’s does the team play?

Crypt Infection: Lead Guitar/backup vox, Ken: vox, Miah: Drums, Mike: Bass

Ryan DeRosa: Any new bands you all are listening to?

Crypt Infection: Resurrecting Judas, Euphoric Defilement, Embodied Torment, anything on New Standard Elite.

Ryan DeRosa: What is the coolest thing you have had happen to you as a band yet?

Crypt Infection: Opening for Morbid Angel. It was just us and Abysmal Dawn playing for 2,000 people. Best show ever.

Ryan DeRosa: Anything to say to your fans?

Crypt Infection: Thanks for all your support! Keep an eye out for all the new stuff and we can’t wait to meet you all! If anyone in another country wants to see us play, hit us up!