J.J Browning project Interview

                                  J.J Browning project Interview

Brandon Harris: Who are you as a person?

J.JB: Introverted, but when I get comfortable I have a very passionate and cavalier personality. I always bring cantor and intellect to all of my conversations

Brandon Harris: Whats your favorite song that you've done?

J.JB: Manifest Destiny

Brandon Harris: What show brings the fondest memories?

J.JB: December 15th 2012 at the Old National Centre. It was all ages and a benefit for Riley Children's Hospital.

Brandon Harris:  Any upcoming shows that fans can go see you at?

J.JB: October 26th at Beale St.

Brandon Harris:  What got you started with music?

JJ.B: G3, and the band Rush. After that I lost count of influences.

Brandon Harris: Any role models?

j.jb: The founding fathers. If we just legalized the constitution we would all prosper. 

Brandon Harris: What inspires your music?

J.JB:Melody, Harmony and pure spontaneous groove. When you hear music that gives you goosebumps you have created something special.

Brandon Harris: What is your greatest achievement?

J.JB: My son.

Brandon Harris: Did you ever think you would become as popular as you have?

J.JB: I don't think I am popular, I think I may be more notorious than being well known. I always believed in my music but really just want touch as many people as possible through my music 

Brandon Harris: What is the difference between home life and on the road?

J.JB: Comfort mostly. But there is excitement with playing in a new unfamiliar area.

Brandon Harris:  What is the hardest part of being on tour?

J.JB: Cost and missing loved ones.

Brandon Harris: What is the best part of performing?

J.JB: The interaction, when you feel the music and its conveyed to the audiencethe connection is the best drug.

Brandon Harris:  Does being a star have an impact on your private life?

J.JB: I am not a Rockstar, true rock stars are musical prostitutes who live for the decadence and lifestyle that has little or nothing to do about music. That's why kids think American Idol is the only path to being successful in music.

Brandon Harris: Any crazy fan stories?

J.J.B: Had a couple stalkers. Nothing really too crazy

Brandon Harris: Any big news for you followers?

J.JB: Got some endorsements in the mix. And a new single and video coming in the next six months.

Brandon Harris: Monster or Red Bull?

J.JB: Whoever gives me the endorsement first LOL! Red Bull because of J├Ąger bombs probably

Brandon Harris: View on the recession?

J.JB: The bail outs  made the recession last longer. If the government kept out of the private sector the market would correct itself.

Brandon Harris: thanks a ton any last comments?

J.JB: Talent over hype will always win. And has more longevity.

Brandon Harris:  Who's your favriote Underground Girl?

J.JB: of them.

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to our models?

J.JB: Stay beautiful, and smart is sexy. Stay on top of your game. JJ loves ya.