Interview with model Ashley Jane

Who is Ashlee Jayne? 

I'm just a normal girl from Vancouver who loves kink , relaxing at home with some tea on her time off and being Infront of the camera  

What are your goal’s?

 My goals for my modeling in the new year are to accomplish atleast a couple magazine covers and in the future I would love to own my own tattoo pallor here in Vancouver 
Who have you modeled for?

 I have modeled for different types of groups and have done lots of promo work for things such as bands / rappers and groups like suicide girls and magazines like bizzare 

Single? Married?

I am happily in a relationship with my boyfriend and he fully supports everything I do 

Where do you plan to be in ten years? 

in ten years I'm hoping to really have my name known in the fetish / tattoo model world , not to mention I would love to have my psychology degree & Maybe even be married an have a family

What originally got sparked your interest with modeling?

 what originally sparked my interest was when I read my first fetish magazine I thought the girls were beautiful and I loved all the Leather and chains for outfits 

Who inspires you?

 tbh , a lot of models inspire me in different ways and I couldn't just choose 1!

Where has your career taken you so far?

my career has taken me to new heights in my life, it definitely has been full of accomplishments and surprises , I have been published in 2 well known magazines and I'm apart of a lot of alternative modeling groups that I'm very happy about  

What is the biggest moment in your life?

 so far the biggest moment in my life has just been perusing my dreams and accomplishing what I have so far with what little I've had

Brandon Harris: If you could name one flaw that most people have what would it be?

Ashley Jane: I would say the one flaw most people have would have to be is insecurity , it's so ugly and no one should feel that way about themselves 

Brandon Harris: When and where did you do your first photo shoot?

Ashley Jane: my first photo shoot was back in 2012 in January , it was a fetish / nude shoot and a lot of fun for me , it was in my hometown here in Vancouver  

Brandon Harris: What are your thoughts on the underground girls?

Ashley Jane: I feel that the underground girls is definitely a group to be with , the girls radiate a lot of confidence and what I can see , everyone treats each other like a family, that's what I'm always looking for wen I want to model with a group of girls  

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans?

Ashley Jane: I couldn't have gotten where I am today without the wonderful fans I have , they have been there since day one and I Couldn't have done this without their support! , without my fans I wouldn't be this happy in my life either ! I love them all so much xoxo:):)