Interview with Henri of Disentomb

Brandon Harris: Hey How are you all doing?

Henri of Disentomb: Good thanks mate, thanks for asking us to be a part of the interview!!

Brandon Harris: What are important goals to you as a team?

             Henri of Disentomb:  Musically we want to produce the heaviest we can and something that we can be proud of. One of our major goals is to tour internationally with Disentomb and see parts of the world that we would have otherwise never seen. We also want to play more shows and meet the bands that we have been listening to for years.

Brandon Harris: What instrument’s do the members of your band play?

Henri- Drums
Jake- Guitar
Jordan- Vocals
Jim- Bass

Brandon Harris: What are your hobbies?

Henri of Disentomb: Other than playing drums I spend most of my time at the gym. Eventually I want to compete in bodybuilding competitions.

Brandon Harris: Who is the main writer in the band?

Henri of Disentomb: Jake and I write all the music and some of the vocal patterns. Jordan takes care of the lyrics and the rest of the vocal patterns.

Brandon Harris: What is the next big milestone for you all?

Henri of Disentomb: Releasing our second full length album this year is the next major thing for us. It has been nearly four years since the release of our debut full length ‘Sunken Chambers of Nephilim.’

Brandon Harris: When do you get time to relax?

Henri of Disentomb: At the moment I don’t get much time to relax. I do shift work and have to travel 2 hours a day to get to work and try to fit in 2-3 hours of drum practice and 1-2 hours at the gym. Once the recording process is complete I will have time to relax until we start to tour.

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to be in ten years?

Henri of Disentomb: In ten years I want to be touring more consistently with Disentomb. I would love not to work and spend most my time on tour. But I don’t know if that’s achievable in death metal haha.

Brandon Harris: What does music mean to you?

Henri of Disentomb: Music is my ultimate goal. I have a successful career but would give that up at any time if I had the chance to be a full time musician.

Brandon Harris: When is your next tour?

Henri of Disentomb: There is nothing booked yet but we definitely want to get overseas some time this year and tour off our upcoming album.

Brandon Harris: What is the best part of being influential?

Henri of Disentomb: I can only wish that people look up to us! Hopefully we can inspire more bands to play death metal both locally and internationally and help the scene grow.

Brandon Harris: Any new bands you all are listening to?

Henri of Disentomb: I mostly listen to the classic brutal death metal bands; Disgorge (US), Defeated Sanity, Brodequin, Putridity etc. One of my favourite ‘newer’ bands is Euphoric Defilement from the US. I have also been getting into a lot of Indonesian death metal such as Gore Infamous, Rezume and Injury Deepen.

Brandon Harris: Any goals for 2014?

Henri of Disentomb: 2014 will be a big year for Disentomb. We will be releasing our second full length and hopefully touring in both Australia and internationally.

             Brandon Harris: is the coolest thing you have had happen to you as a band yet?
             Henri of Disentomb: There are so many awesome things that have happened. The most memorable would be playing the last ever Mountains of Death in Switzerland. We were so young and felt like we were out of our league but luckily people dug our music.

             Brandon Harris: When did you decide to begin in the music?

Henri of Disentomb: I can speak on the behalf of Disentomb’s original members when I say that we have wanted to become musicians from a young age. Jake started playing guitar in his early teens and I first got a drum kit when I was 15. We all grew up in a small country town where no one had ever heard of metal and for us there was nothing else to do but play music. Since then we have strived to produce heaviest music we can.

Brndon Harris: What is the best thing about being as big as you are in the music scene?

Henri of Disentomb: I don’t consider Disentomb to be one of the big bands in the underground metal scene, but we are very appreciative of all the fans that continue to support us and help us grow. We have been lucky enough to support international bands, headline various fests around Australia and play in Europe and the UK with some of our favourite bands.

Brandon Harris: Who is the member of the band that can keep yall laughing?

Henri of Disentomb: When we spend time together we are always laughing.  We take our music seriously but we make sure we’re having fun with what ever we’re doing.

Brandon Harris: Where does the band spend it’s off time?

Henri of Disentomb: Any time that I have off I like to spend with friends and family.

Brandon Harris: What got you all into music?

Henri of Disentomb: I’m not really sure, I’ve had an interest in music since I can remember. I first listened to metal when I was nine or ten with bands like Pantera, Korn and Metallica. Since then I’ve always searched for heavier music and eventually got into death metal. When I was young my older brother had a drum kit which I played a few times and really enjoyed. In high school I decided to play drums and start a band with the Jordan on vocals.

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans?

Henri of Disentomb: We’d like to thank everyone for their continued support. To anyone who has ever listened to our music, been to a show, bought merch or supported us in any way. Hopefully our second release won’t disappoint and we can play in a city near you. It is due to be released in mid 2014 through New Standard Elite.