Eminem album review marshall mathers lp 2

         Eminem who has been hitting the streets with his extravagant music, and swift beats since the early 90's, has released a new album. That album the marshall mathers lp 2, hit stores November 5th, 2013. This album sold over 1,000,000 copy's and features hit's such as Monster featuring Rihanna. Eminem, at the age of 41 is still blowing the top off of almost everyone in the rap game. His new album brings back a bit of the best parts of who he is, and strongly shows his ability to be versatile and work with other artist.  Still running with his head held high Eminem isent ever gonna stop. With 56,499,633 hit's on his new music video monster, and a fan base that is very much alive and rolling he still has a full career ahead of him. We see bright future, as this is the 6th release from his record label and he has seen nothing but musical success. Coming from Underground music to main stream he changed and has become a major success. 

               I am giving this new album a 5 star rating  and a stamp of approval!