Deathbreed official Interview
Brandon Harris: Hey guy’s let’s start off with a simple one. What is the recipe for deathbreed, What makes you unique?

Deathbreed: To quote from our bio: In recent years, death metal has mainly focused on who manages to pull tempo and technique to its limits, alternatively, to take back the music to its gritty roots. Deathbreed do not care about these conditions and instead plow our own path with aggressive vocals, technical and groovy riffs

Brandon Harris: When starting to write new music, what is the biggest part?

Deathbreed: The songwriting often starts with one of the guitarists come up with 1 or 2 riffs and then we put it all together in the rehearsal room.

by: Frida Sendelbach

Brandon Harris: Getting big as you have what is the catch?

Deathbreed: We do not consider ourselves "BIG" but, since we updated our logo-design the FB likes just won't stop coming. Since we've only released a 4 track EP so far, who knows what a full length album could do?

Brandon Harris: What do you consider to be a downfall? Family is important. How do you cope with the separation time from your family?

Deathbreed: We live pretty separate lives outside the band. I have a very understanding partner/girlfriend that supports me and my passion for the band, and for that i'm very great full

Brandon Harris: Putting 100% into everything you do is important. What does 100% look like in a day in your lives, what is your time spent doing?

Deathbreed: To me (Ted) Deathbreed is my baby. Even at work i use my iphone texting our producer or the management to allways make thinks happen and keep the boll rolling. That's 100%.

Brandon Harris: What is Sweden like? What is your scene?

Deathbreed: The death metal scene in Sweden is great, in terms of producing great metal bands. You need to be pretty big to make full house at concerts though, but that is a problem that the whole music industry is struggling with right now.

Brandon Harris: As a band what are the best moments you can remember?

Deathbreed: I think it is the ”Neogenesis Tour” with Diabolical and Soreption. We had a lot of fun and you can watch a video blog at our youtube cannel:

Brandon Harris: Who are your heros?

Deathbreed: Aeon, Soreption, Behemoth, Meshuggah...

Brandon Harris: What instrument’s do the members in the band use? Any brand you each really enjoy to work with?

Deathbreed: Both me (Ted) and Gottfrid uses Schecter 7-stringed guitars, we are both very happy with the guitars that Schecter makes. Would not mind getting a endorsement deal with Schecter. The bass guitar that Anton uses is a Woodo B5 that seems to work really great for him. As for drums Emil uses Pearl drums and Meinl cymbals

Brandon Harris: How do you handle critics?

Deathbreede: You need to take all critics with a ”pinch of salt”. Even good or bad reviews.

Brandon Harris: If we opened your fridge what would we find?

Deathbreed:In my fridge you would find a lot of stuff... Would you find beer? Yes sir!

Brandon Harris:Anything to say to your fans?

Deathbreed: STAY TUNED for the upcoming album that is currently beeing mixed and mastered by Oscar Nilsson at Crehate Studios. It's going to crush!


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