Cali Swag District official Interview

Brandon Harris: Hey yall first off wanted to thank you for taking an interview. So off top what’s new with Cali swag district?

Cali Swag District: Jus the new mix tape the district. Working songs from that and tryna book more shows overseas

Brandon Harris:You are know on top of your game and known globally, what was the transition period like from being an up and coming, to being in the spotlight?

Cali Swag District: It happen so fast we jus had to adjust we couldn't be the same Inglewood niggas in front of these important people. I can say it matured us fast

Brandon Harris: We all have different view’s on success. How would you define success?

Cali Swag District:  Micheal Jackson

Brandon Harris: Who in the group is the one always making you laugh?

Cali Swag District: Yung

Brandon Harris: Favorite fast food?

Cali Swag District: Panda express Mexican food soul food

Brandon Harris:  Teach me how to Dougie was a huge success. Where did it come from? Who initially started writing the song?

Cali Swag District:  It came natural jus messing around n the studio wit star who made the beat

Brandon Harris: Sports are a huge part of modern day life any top teams you love to see play?

Cali Swag District:  James harden fan but were 100% Lakers fans

Brandon Harris: What is the most satisfying part of being where you’re at in the industry today?

Cali Swag District: Being able to travel n see so many different places

Brandon Harris:What is the mission behind Cali Swag District? What do you stand for? What is your core moral set up?

Cali Swag District: to bring that fun aspect back into hip hop

Brandon Harris: What is each of your favorite drinks?

Cali Swag District: Hennessey tequila vodka all of us

Brandon Harris:  Before you made it to the point your at today what did you guys do for work?

Cali Swag District: school tours club promo

Brandon Harris: As your music began to move and people started buzzing, what was your first move on the playing field?

Cali Swag District: Get the music outta California

Brandon Harris: Management no matter what you do plays a huge part in the success of any musician, or talented individual.  Anything you can say that sets your management team apart from the rest?

Cali Swag District:  Were like family

Brandon Harris:Who were your musical influences when you were growing up?

Cali Swag District:  Lil Wayne e40 jay z snoop its  a few

Brandon Harris: What was the first thing you all created as a team in the studio?

Cali Swag District:  Teach me how to dougie

Brandon Harris: With the economic recession passing, did that effect your music in any way?

Cali Swag District:  Nah

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan on being 10 years from now?

Cali Swag District: Doing better at the level we should be at that point

Brandon Harris: What is one thing that not to many people know about you guy’s?

Cali Swag District: that our music has different realms than dancing party music

Brandon Harris: As music is an art and you guy’s are the paint brushes, what’s the picture look like for the fan’s in 2014?

Cali Swag District: More music then they ever got from us and different sounds

Brandon Harris: Any new young artist on the horizon yall see having a come up soon?

Cali Swag District: mr Smith Joe moses kid ink ty dolla genesis a.d a.v its a few

Brandon Harris: When your not in the studios, or working hard on your music what are you all up to?

Cali Swag District: with our family girls mainly trying yo make new moves

Brandon Harris: How did you come up with the name Cali Swag District?

Cali Swag District: Cali being where we're from swag is what we have and Inglewood is our district

Brandon Harris: As you have many young admirers what would your advice be for reaching their dreams?

Cali Swag District: don’t stop keep going

 Brandon Harris: Do you have anyone you want to thank?

 Cali Swag District: Big Wy and Wacko poly rob and are family and city

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fan’s?

Cali Swag District: Keep in tune with us and go get our new project the district also check out mr Smith our label mate