Kung Fu Vampire Official Interview

Brandon Harris: Who are you as a person?

Kung Fu Vampire: Dad, Romantic, Driven Human Being with abnormally high levels of ambition and drive.

Brandon Harris: What’s your favorite song that you've done?
Kung Fu Vampire: Too Late To Pray and Turnt Up feat: Hopsin
 Brandon Harris:  What show brings the fondest memories?
Kung Fu Vampire: The 1st night of The Slaughterhouse Tour with Twiztid back in 2010 in Buffalo. Crazy energy
Brandon Harris: Any upcoming shows that fans can go see you at?
Kung Fu Vampire:  The Hunger Pains Tour with Wrekonize of MayDay. go to Tour.KungFuVampire.com for info
Brandon Harris: What got you started with music?
Kung Fu Vampire: seeing wack rappers get props for being weak and my love and passion for innovative beats and rhyme patterns
Brandon Harris Any role models?
Kung Fu Vampire: Not really. Some of my older friends have been a great influence
Brandon Harris: What inspires your music?
Kung Fu Vampire: Everyday Life and Tim Burton films
Brandon Harris: What is your greatest achievement?
Kung Fu Vampire: Being able to tour and sustain as an artist with no other income. I love what I do
Brandon Harris: Did you ever think you would become as popular as you have?
Kung Fu Vampire: Yes, I dreamt it and made it happen. I picture myself an Underground giant and if people love my music and take it there I will gladly except the drama that comes with it.
Brandon Harris:  What is the difference between home life and on the road?
Kung Fu Vampire: everything, The road is a mission and home is about preparing for that mission and enjoying my little girl, family and friends
Brandon Harris:  What is the hardest part of being on tour?
Kung Fu Vampire: Being away from my bed and family and just making it to each venue on time.
Brandon Harris: What is the best part of performing?
Kung Fu Vampire: The sweat and the reaction from the fans, even better is turning a critic into a fan.
Brandon Harris:  Does being a star have an impact on your private life?
Kung Fu Vampire: Yes, people recognize me everywhere so I am sometimes weary of where I can go!
Brandon Harris:  Any crazy fan stories?
Kung Fu Vampire: Too many to list and too personal, hahaha but i have fans with some dope tattoos of my face!
Brandon Harris:  Any big news for you followers?
 Kung Fu Vampire: Lots of new videos, new album in 2014 and the Hunger Pains Tour is gonna be epic.
Brandon Harris: Monster or Red Bull?
Kung Fu Vampire: Neither, that shit's bad for you but I love the the taste of red bull
Brandon Harris:  View on the recession?
Kung Fu Vampire:  there will always be something to be sad, bitch or complain about, i keep my outlook high and focus on things that are in my control or that affect the people i love.