Bloodsoaked Interview

Brandon Harris: Hey How are you all doing?
 Bloodsoaked: Great!

Brandon Harris: When did you decide to begin in the underground music field?

 Blood Soaked: I’ve always into music and into heavy music from a young age. We I was 7-8 years old I was listening to Kiss and it slowly progressed from there.

Brandon Harris: What is the best thing about being as big as you are in the underground music scene?

Bloodsoaked: Hahaha… We are not “big” in at all but we have had some good success. Maybe the coolest thing is to travel places and people singing along to the songs and wanting to take pictures with us, it’s very cool.

 Brandon Harris: Who is the member of the band that can keep yall laughing?

Bloodsoaked: Well, there’s only two of us so I’d say it me. LOL

Brandoh Harris: When was your first ever stage appearance?

Blood soaked: Back in 1988 I think when I played in a Thrash band (Deslok) up in Boston, MA. Well, actually I played the Scarecrow in a Wizard of Oz play back in Elementary school, does that count? haha

Brandon Harris: How has your band worked over the past few years?

Bloodsoaked: Bloodsoaked was always me (Peter) and Joseph joined about two years ago as second guitarist/vocalist. It’s been working great.

Brandon Harris:  Where does the band spend it’s off time?

Bloodsoaked:  Watching Porn, Hookers, Masturbating, Video Games and sleep.

Brandon Harris: What got you all into underground music?

Bloodsoaked: The Bangles.

Brandon Harris: What are important goals to you as a team?

 Bloodsoaked: Write good songs.

Brandon Harris: What instrument’s do the members of your band play?

Bloodsoaked: We both play guitar.

Brandon Harris:  What are your hobbies?

Bloodsoaked:Watching Porn, Hookers, Masturbating, Video Games and sleep.

Brandon Harris: Who is the main writer in the band?

Blood Soaked:  I (Peter) am the main song writer mainly because I’ve been writing for Bloodsoaked since the beginging. I’m also anal about how I like songs, riffs and so on.

Brandon Harris:  What is the next big milestone for you all?

Bloodsoaked: We are doing our 3rd 10 day Mini tour of Europe this coming April and the 4th Bloodsoaked album “Religious Apocalypse” will be released about the same time.

Brandon Harris: When do you get time to relax?

Bloodsoaked: When I’m not watching porn.

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to be in ten years?

Bloodsoaked: Making Porn.

Brandon Harris: What does music mean to you?

Bloodsoaked: Just something to kill the time till I find my next hooker.

Brandon Harris: What instrument’s does the team play?

Bloodsoaked: Guitar.

Brandon Harris:When is your next tour?

Bloodsoaked: April 2014.

Brandon Harris: What is the best part of being influential?

Bloodtsoaked:  All the pussy and some cock.

Brandon Harris:  Any new bands you all are listening to?

 Bloodsoaked: Nope, they all suck.

Brandon Hasrris:Any goals for 2014?

Bloodsoaked: Fuck more hookers.

Brandon Harris: What is the coolest thing you have had happen to you as a band yet?

Bloodsoaked: MTVs Headbangers Ball back in 2009.

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans?

Bloodsoaked: Thank you for supporting Bloodsoaked and Death Metal. Peter - Bloodsoaked

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