Bino Bandz Official Interview

Bino Bands is an Underground Music star from Chicago who is up and coming int the Underground Music secene. 

Brandon Harris: Bino its been a minute since our last interview what’s been up?

Bino Bandz: Yeah bro I been trying to get my movement in order, been working behind the scenes networking more rather than enjoying the fruits of my labor... my grind will show soon

Brandon Harris: What’s new for 2014?

Bino Bandz: In early 2014 i plan to drop a mix tape and plenty of singles/videos leading up to that mix tape... it will be called B.I.N.O (Broke Is Not an Option) and i plan to expand and get into a lot more people's ears this year.

Brandon Harris: What do you plan on doing for shows for this next year?

Bino Bandz: This year i plan to gradually move up and be more sophisticated with my bookings and performances on the business side. Im not working with a manager right now so i plan to change that soon. Im trying to keep the schedule busy this year.

Brandon Harris: Where do you see underground  music taking you?

Bino Bandz: I see music taking me out the streets, to parts of the world i never seen before. i see music as an outlet... i also see music as a doorway to a new tax bracket

Brandon Harris: So we hear you just started a label Band Up?

Bino Bandz: Yeah, Band Up Franchize is my label that i just started, i got only rappers right now but im looking for all kinds of artists... male and female. i also want to get around to having models, videographers/photographers, a promo team and producers.. S/O to Schnow, Gmoney, K9, Playboi and the rest of the franchize and the franchize supporters as well

Brandon Harris: Who are some of your hero’s?

Bino Bandz: one of my heroes is my mom, that's one strong woman. also i look up to guys that paved the way for Chicago hip hop like Bump J, Twista etc. I even look at people like MLK and Malcolm X as my heroes too... anybody that lead and didn't follow is a hero to me.

Brandon Harris: So you have underground music videos hitting 5000 plus likes, when we going to see you on MTV?

Bino Bandz: Yea my video i ever shot hit 5k so hopefully im on MTV by the A.M. lol

Brandon Harris: Chief Keef has been on a steady come up. Whats your opinion on him in the game?

Bino Bandz: I think Chief Keef did what everybody expected him NOT to do, which was buss the door down and blow up... u can't do anything but respect a young dude on his grind. S/O to Chief Keef for helping Chiraq get some action from these labels

Brandon Harris: Coming from the Chi, you come from a huge bed of talent, what sets you apart from the rest?

Bino Bandz: Chicago always had talent... us Chicago people are very ambitious when it comes to dreams and proving people wrong. thats what sets me apart from alot of rappers, i have never been a talker... always been a PROVER. Im bringing back the heart, hustle, and grind to music

Brandon Harris: When did you start raping, and what lead to it?

Bino Bandz:  I started rapping in about the 7th grade... it all started because just like any lil brother, i wanted to be like my big brothers... my big bro used to BLAST his guys music (which were like my big brothers) every... single... DAY. i was just amazed at how they could rhyme and i was like

Brandon Harris: When did you start raping, and what lead to it? Do you separate your life in music, from your home life?

Bino Bandz: and they were older so i looked at them like stars, i wanted to be a star too so that's how i started writing raps 11. My home life is motivation for my music life so its not too different. I'm a father of a 3 yr old lil boy and every time i look at him i feel the need to chase a check... most of my music is based on a 'come up'... my social life is surrounded by the people i describe in my lyrics... most of my guys got felonies and priors as you hear in some of my music so i wouldn't say i live 2 lives.

Brandon Harris:  When do you plan on droppin some new tracks?

 Bino Bandz:I try to stay consistent to my fans so new tracks come whenever i feel like the streets are asking for em. i love to feed my listeners with something new all the time

Brandon Harris: Any new Bandz gear otw?

Bino Bandz: Yeah, i'm actually in the process of designing some Band Up crew necks, snap backs and more accessories so those should be hitting the streets this year.

Brandon Harris: So what have you been on in the studio?

Bino Bandz:. my studio life is hectic... i do my own mixing with my music so im like a mad scientist when it comes to my music. i hit the studio everyday so basically i got stuff cooking up all the time... you can come through whenever u got time and sit in on a session. i enjoy company for criticism

Brandon Harris: Who was the favorite colab you have done?

Bino Bandz: thats a hard one, i dont think i have a favorite... i've worked with some pure monsters in my career. whenever i collab with anyone i am sure to make it a dope experience. but damn that's the hardest question anyone has asked me so far... S/O to all the artists that copped a Bino feature or threw me a feature #HEAT

Brandon Harris: As an artist what is your goal, your mission?

as an artist my goal is to reach people's thought and feelings that relate to my situations... i know the feeling of listening to a song and feeling like the artist is talking directly to or about you. i try to paint the picture that my fans would call a masterpiece. i want to be followed by my fans and feel the loyalty and love that they have to offer... #100 and to my fans i just want to say thanks for supporting and keep doing so. B.I.N.O. The Mixtape coming this 1st quarter of 2014. Keep making my dreams come true because without the fans i wouldn't be the artist i am... be on the look out for the Band Up Franchize take over... thanks again #BANDZ

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