American Standard Official Interview

Brandon Harris: What got you guys into music?

AS: I think something different for each of us. For me, I remember growing up having a friend who's older brother played in a metal band. We would go to the shows and I always thought it was something that I would like to do. Be up there entertaining people and sharing that moment and connection with the crowd. Just feeding off the energy. I think it really comes down to being a part of something. A driving force and combined focus. It's that goal that I'm always pushing forward for. Not only are the guys in the band good friends, but I owe the majority if not all the people and experiences I've had in my life to music in one way or another. 

Brandon Harris: When did you begin to feel this passion was turning into something that would become a life style?

AS: The moment I saw that it meant something to someone else as much as it meant to me. It's a cool feeling to see that people outside if the band and our immediate friends/family are excited on the project.

Brandon Harris: When did you guys record your first song ever?

AS: For American Standards just about two years ago. I think we recorded our first demos and paid for them with a case of PBR. Literally. 

 Brandon Harris: Where is the band originated from?

AS:We're all scattered amongst the Arizona desert.

Brandon Harris: Who are the members now and past?

AS: Currently we've got Corey Skowronski on bass, Brennen Westermeyer on Guitar, Geoff Gittleson on drums and I (Brandon Kellum) making obnoxious noises on the microphone. In the past we also had a second guitarist by the name of Cody Conrad who now plays for our friends in Long Live.

Brandon Harris:What are your next big steps?

AS: Releasing the new Album along with the singles and music videos from it. A massive amount of national and hopefully international touring. A few big festivals. Partying till the sun comes up and the doing it again.

Brandon Harris: Any funny groupie stories?

AS: Not many. Half the band is tied down and we're not exactly the teen age heart throb types. We've had a handful drive outrageous lengths to see us though which still blows my mind.

Brandon Harris: Favorite venue ever played?

AS: That's a hard one. Honestly, we like the more DIY places though like Seventh Circle in Denver, CO, Frubble in Santee, CA, Industry Theatre in Lancaster, CA and The Wreck Room in Amarillo, TX.

Brandon Harris: Label if on one?

AS: We Are Triumphant which is distributed by Victory Records (Sony/RED).

Brandon Harris: Goals for the next few years?

AS: Keep releasing new jams and touring till the people get tired of us then play every venue and house show that will continue to have us.

Brandon Harris: Plans for summer 2013?

AS: Tour, Tour, Tour

Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans?

AS: We appreciate everyone's support and those that have helped us get where we are and continue to push us forward. 

Brandon Harris: Any favriote UG girl?

AS: The question should be who are the UG girls favorite American Standards member?