Alone at last Official interview

Brandon Harris: Alone at last you guy’s have grown to be a power house in Underground Music . How did it all start?

Alone at last: It start around 2002, we start playing our own punk band with two single "no more worry" & "no feeling" (inspirated by bad religion and minor threat) and playing from underground gigs to gigs, by 2003 alone at last adding 2 new members as the vocalist and bassist. Finally, with our new album came out (with a lil' bit change of music from hardcore punk - metal - emo),  people start to notice us. we've start playing at almost all the underground gigs in indonesia, being on mags, it's just happened like that. we're really never expected gonna be this such a huge band at the time. 

Brandon Harris: Amarah Senyum dan Airmata” was you claim to fame. What was it like watching that song gain more and more fans as a band in Underground music?

Alone at last: It's beyond expected, for sure.. "Amarah Senyum dan Air Mata" was made just like our other songs that we've made for our first E.P. We never get bored or sick to playing that song in every single gigs, because the crowd love it every time we hit that song on the stage. So that feeling makes us have more passion to create another good song for them. 

Brandon Harris: When it comes to getting across the globe, where are you focused most on making your music more known?

Alone at last:  We making several english lyrics, like 'classic war is a modern war', 'mainstream of love', and 'hold that rope'. Being on a lot of social media like website, twitter, pure volume, my space, and facebook. Selling our merchandise, is another way to making our music more known by other.
Brandon Harris: As a band, do you feel alone at last will continue to build and function at amazing levels?

Alone at last: We just do our things naturally, there's always new things for us, and there's a lot of new challenges, so if our band being on the another top level, it's just a bonus for us. 

Brandon Harris: Any rituals before you go on stage? Like anything you do every show before you go on?

Alone at last : we're always having a pray together before get on stage and every one of us was having nervous moment (sometimes puke was involved hahaha ). 

Brandon Harris: What is the music scene like in  Indonesia?
Alone at last: We're having a lot of roots, a different kind of music, but when we talk about underground, indonesia is one of the biggest underground scene, and have a lot of great band from it.
Brandon Harris: Whom inspired you all to create music?

Alone at last:  Almost all the 80's punk bands, minor threat, bad religion, refused, beastie boys, bad brain,rage against the machine,deftones, black flag, rise against, and our local artist iwan fals. 

Brandon Harris: Any crazy fan moment’s?

Alone at last: Whoooaa...let see..naked fans on stage, stalker that always showed up at one of our house, get a phone call at the 2am every single day (for almost 2month), and the rest was not crazy enough, hahahaha
Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to be in 2 years?

                                                                                     Alone at last: Warped Tour"....can't wait!Brandon Harris: Any new music coming to the fan’s soon?

Alone at last: Yes! In a couple of month, we're gonna strike a new single and followed by a new album later.Brandon Harris: Whens your next tour set for?

Alone at last: After we release our new album for sure
Brandon Harris: From Sendiri VS Dunia to INTEGRITI what all have you done to enhance your music?

Alone at last:  A lot of new stuff, from engineer, studio, refresh our gear, new lyrical technique and as own producer for our last album INTEGRITIBrandon Harris: When are you doing a some shows in the US?

Alone at last: As soon as possible, maybe you can help us with the show? fingers crossed
Brandon Harris: What kind of cars do you drive? Any favorite car?

Alone at last: It's Kijang Toyota, it's 50's japans car totally old and bad ass, it help us in every local gigs in our city. Favorite car? That is our favorite car "Kijang Toyota"

Brandon Harris: Favorite Junk food?

Alone at last: Nasi Timbel ( fried chicken,tofu,anchovy,spicy shrimp paste and rice rapped with banana leaf) is so local and spicy

Brandon Harris: What’s the best moment you can remember in your music career?

Alone at last:  While they came to our shows, screaming our song and do a moshpit in the same always our best moment...Brandon Harris: Anything you wish to say to your fans?

Alone at last: Stay true,Stay Positive and Stay sharp

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