New Years Eve 2013

           Dear followers usually today is extremely hard for me and again this year it is. I've decided to dedicate some time to you all this holiday. I for a long time have regretted today. As I felt as a person it was my last true opportunity to get someone close to me help. I knew something was wrong at the time I did not know what but I felt it. I let time and my circumstances at that time consume me and I did not  know how to handle myself. Now six years later I still miss my dad, but I know he is ok. I'm glad to have the things I do in life, a family, a daughter, and a job. I'm glad I have you all to blog to and the ability to openly speak my mind. It may seem silly expecically since I'm blogging to a ton of people but one thing you will learn quickly about me is I sometimes just need someone to listen.

     As the year goes on I promise we will bring you some much happier post, and Interviews. We have some big plans in the works and were dedicated to opening your eyes to everything we do! So stay tuned in and listen!!!!!!